Use the “3 P’s” to become more adaptive, creative, and resilient

Watch this on-demand webinar. Why platforms, processes, and partnerships are the keys to a future fit strategy.

Forrester finds that firms who employ a future fit technology strategy grow nearly 3x faster than the average in their industry. So how do they do it? Join two Forrester Principal Analysts for a deep dive into the three core drivers of a successful future fit strategy. You’ll learn about:

  • Platforms — how to think about bundling tech to speed time-to-value and cut technical debt.
  • Practices — how to collaborate across the company to move faster toward shared goals.
  • Partnerships — why the willingness to co-innovate will be a hallmark of your strategic partners.

Hear the keys to a technology strategy for a world of constant change

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In 5 minutes: the concept and value of a future fit technology strategy

What are the benefits of a future fit technology strategy? What does it look like in action? What kinds of tech drive it? This video provides clear answers.