How Standard Chartered Bank avoids digital sameness

A case study in successful, ongoing digital transformation

When all banks are increasingly digital, how do you become a digital banking leader? How do you escape the trap of digital sameness — doing what everyone else is doing online — and stand apart?

Learn how Standard Chartered Bank, led by new CIO Michael Gorriz, embarked on a three-year digital transformation that succeeded because it didn’t focus on technology for its own sake but, as Gorriz says, aimed to “gain more insight into the real, human needs and desires of our clients.” By shaping its tech strategy to put customers first, Standard Chartered saw impressive results, including:

  • A 45% increase in digital service in one year, with most retail product sales digital in 2020.
  • A one-year double-digit boost in its Net Promoter ScoreTM (NPS) for mobile banking.
  • The ability to conceive, create, and execute marketing campaigns in one-fifth of the time.

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