Fill Your Pipeline To Fuel Your Revenue Engine

A Complimentary Forrester SiriusDecisions Webinar

“I have more opportunities than my salespeople can cover,” said no sales leader. Ever.

Whether during annual planning, QBRs or other reviews, sales leaders commonly wrestle with shortages in the pipeline of opportunity volume required to achieve their revenue goal. Two strategies to close pipeline gaps include standing up a non-quota-carrying business development team and improving seller prospecting effectiveness.

During this webinar, Phil Harrell, Vice President and Group Director, and Mike Pregler, VP and Research Director, will:

  • Outline charter elements that lay the foundation for prospecting operations.
  • Share best practices for modern prospecting execution elements.
  • Examine the decision criteria for outsourcing vs. creating an internal team.
  • Discuss how sellers who are prospecting can adopt methods and tools to improve their success.

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1 hour