Technology & Innovation

November 4 – 6, 2020  |  Live Virtual Experience

Andrea Austin

VP, North America, Nokia Software

Andrea has been building high-performance, customer-focused teams that capture sustainable growth for over 20 years. At Nokia, Andrea leads the North America Software business, managing over 1B Euro in sales.  She was recognized in 2016 year as a leading sales mentor by Women in Sales North America, in 2017 she was named to the list Top 50 Women in Revenue you should know, and in 2018 and 2019 listed as one of the Top 35 Influential Women in Sales.  She is the co-author of Aligned to Achieve (published in October 2016 by Wiley), about sales and marketing alignment, well before alignment was a hot topic.  Andrea is a founding member and active board member of Women and in Revenue (, founded in 2018.

Andrea started her career in technology at IBM, was with PeopleSoft for 7 years, and has been leading sales and services teams at software and solution providers in the Silicon Valley, including Symphony Technology Group, Vitria Technology, DigitalThink, and Nuance Communications.

Andrea is a passionate leader who thrives on the challenges of today’s business environment, leveraging company and resources, mentoring and guiding resources beyond their comfort zones, developing new and innovative opportunities, understanding the dynamics of emerging technologies and markets, harnessing the unique challenges and benefits of the software, and working with customers to execute and implement strategies necessary to achieve a competitive advantage. Proven track record of win-win approaches leveraging technology and teamwork to resolve complex business challenges.