Julian Archer

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Julian left his native U.K. in 1989 to live on the European mainland and now has 30 years of international B2B demand creation and measurement experience within corporate and pan-European field functions.

Julian has been with SiriusDecisions for over five years and during this time has helped our clients with many of their demand creation challenges, notably, Demand Waterfall® improvement, event strategy and execution, and localization approaches. Within the last three years, Julian has devoted more of his time to helping clients understand the required strategies for sales and marketing functions to adapt to the global move for increased personal data privacy compliance triggered by legislation such as the GDPR, ePrivacy regulation and Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

Prior to joining SiriusDecisions, Julian was a global industry marketing director for business application provider Lawson Software (and Infor after it acquired Lawson Software). He was part of the leadership team for a key manufacturing and distribution segment and managed the trans-Atlantic team responsible for go-to-market demand strategy and execution.

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