Avoiding Automation Disaster

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Not all automation is good or necessary, and as you scale it throughout the enterprise, risks increase. Deployment of the wrong automation can have ripple effects on your production environment quality. In addition, the changing nature of automation as it becomes smarter with the infusion of AI and ML calls for a more prepared workforce that on one side is augmented by automation but on the other replaced by the increasing autonomous nature of it. Is your organisation ready and do you have the skills? What are your automation options and how do you avoid automation disasters?

This session is an exciting mix of Forrester’s leading automation research delivery and lively interactive discussion between two of our senior European analysts, leveraging a real life practitioner’s perspective of a large scale European enterprise.


During the webinar, Diego and Bernhard discuss:

  • The real business and IT opportunities of automation and how Covid-19 changed those.
  • Why rushing deployment of automation at scale puts growing challenges and increased business risk on enterprises: are you ready? What can we learn from real experience?
  • How to navigate the automation technology landscape: from DPA, RPA, AI, Test Automation and more. What’s right and when?



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45 minutes