The CIO In 2020: A Window Of Opportunity

How IT leaders can make the most of an uncertain year.

Forrester predicts 2020 will be another year of fast-paced change and tumultuous transformation across a variety of industries and functions. Faced with this uncertainty, many companies will choose to hold off on new innovations and scale back technology investment.

That could be a crucial misstep.

Customers today expect innovative, personalized — and frequently updated — experiences. The leading brands will move forward to deliver those exceptional experiences while their competition stands still. And it’s all fueled by technology.

Read our guide to learn how IT leaders can make the most of this opportunity and evolve into customer-centric innovation catalysts in their organizations.

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Hear Forrester VPs Brian Hopkins and Bobby Cameron describe how IT leaders can transform their organizations with a customer-first mindset while their competitors play wait-and-see this year.

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