Blinded By Shiny Objects? Make A Business Case For Emerging Technology

Download our tech leader’s guide to identifying use cases and gaining support for emerging technologies.

With technology innovation advancing rapidly, navigating the sea of shiny objects vying for attention and investment can be challenging. What’s more, emerging technologies often lack the necessary data, proof points, and use cases to build a solid business case.

Download this comprehensive tech leader guide to crafting a persuasive emerging technology business case. It gives you three key strategies for evaluating emerging tech and frameworks to identify the most promising investments.

Get your copy of the guide to explore expert insights, cut through the noise, and make informed decisions about the right emerging technologies for your organization.

What’s inside? Everything you need to begin:

  • Utilizing frameworks to distinguish between fleeting trends and viable technologies
  • Structuring a compelling business case even when traditional metrics may not apply
  • Harnessing different types of data to support and strengthen your emerging technology business case
  • Presenting your business case effectively to secure funding and support
  • Leveraging use cases of emerging technologies to bolster your argument




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