The Future Of Work

Working in a world of intelligent technologies.

Automation will define the future of work. With the rise of automation and intelligent technologies such as robots, AI, machine learning, and others, the pragmatic search for margin is introducing a speed of change and uncertainty not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Firms, economies, governments, and societies will be challenged and transformed. Despite apocalyptic predictions, the full implications of automation are still unknown. Change will come in waves, waves that include currently unrealized technologies.

Firms are in a difficult position: Act too slow and risk falling behind; act too quickly and generate unnecessary complexity and confusion.

Download Forrester’s guide to gain a pragmatic view of the future of work. Discover the impact on leaders, employees, customers, and companies — and what organizations can do now to stay in front of this revolution.

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Contents include:

  • An assessment of automation’s impact on how work is done and by whom.
  • A case study of future automation technologies working in a seamless ecosystem.
  • What actions firms can take today.
  • How firms can prepare for tomorrow.
  • An overview of the macroeconomic, civic, and socioeconomic implications of automation.

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