Japan Accelerates Its Digital Transformation

A Forrester Complimentary Webinar

There is no time to waste: Japan is facing a digital cliff by 2025. Responding to this existential threat, the new Suga government recently created a Ministry of Digital transformation. In 2021, it will launch a digital agency to accelerate the ambitious transformation of a mostly paper-based economy. In a similar fashion, CIOs and CMOs at Japanese organizations need to take ambitious steps to accelerate their firm’s digital transformation.

Join our thought leader Fred Giron in this webinar to learn how Japanese firms will approach their digital transformation in 2021 and:

  • Explore how the business and technology priorities of Japan executives will evolve over 2021.
  • Find out where Japanese firms are on their transformation journey compared to digital transformation leaders.
  • Learn what CIOs and CMOs can do to accelerate their firm’s transformation across strategy, culture, structure, talent and technology.

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