How to Build Marketing Campaigns That Are Not Lost in Translation

Forrester APAC On-Demand Webinar

To reach B2B buyers, companies need to adopt an audience-centric go-to-market strategy, but a global approach may miss the mark.

In this session, we are going to provide insights on how the global audience-centric go-to-market architecture impacts marketing campaigns and what regional portfolio marketing’s role is to ensure local buying behaviour is incorporated and executed on. By understanding the regional difference and providing the right inputs into the campaign design process, we can make sure our campaigns do not get lost in translation.

Key takeaways from this on-demand webinar

  • How does the go-to-market architecture impact campaign planning and design?
  • Regional Portfolio / Field Marketing’s responsibility and focus area.
  • Where does buyer behaviour differ for Asia-Pacific, and what does that mean for marketers?

Duration: 1 hour (Including 15 mins Q&A)

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