The Path To Recovery For Travel And Hospitality Industry

Forrester APAC On-demand Webinar

Over the last few months, amid the ongoing struggle to keep their businesses afloat, the most affected ones are the hospitality and travel industry. Industry leaders and decision makers are now beginning to shift their gaze towards the near future with hopes of recovery.  

For the hard-hit travel and hospitality sector, the path to recovery will not be swift or straightforward due to the unprecedented conditions that are outside of their direct control. Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar where Forrester thought leaders talk about how some industry players are demonstrating resilience, being adaptive and empathetic while discovering ways to adjust to the next-normal.

Key takeaways

  • Consumer sentiment towards travel during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The signals that indicate when consumers will feel safe to travel in the near future
  • How consumers are thinking about travel and their experiences after the Covid-19 pandemic diminishes

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