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DBS Bank’s Billion-Dollar AI Dream

Tom Mouhsian April 17, 2024
Most financial services firms are far from realizing significant commercial value from their AI investments. Singapore-based DBS Bank stands as a role model in this area. Learn how the bank uses AI to generate hundreds of millions of dollars of value for its employees, customers, business units, and, ultimately, shareholders.

It’s Time To Tell Your Digital Money Story (Financial Institutions)

Tom Mouhsian January 11, 2024
Organizations that are advanced in their digital measurement practices track their performance through digitally sourced revenues, digitally impacted costs, digitally enhanced operations, and digitally satisfied customers. To help our clients do just that, we’ve created a digital measurement framework and customized it to specific industry sectors. Digital leaders from financial institutions including banking, insurance, and […]

Despite Economic Headwinds, Malaysian Banks Continue To Improve CX Quality

Tom Mouhsian September 27, 2023
How customers perceive a brand influences how much they are willing to spend with the brand, whether they will recommend it to others, and how likely they are to forgive the brand’s missteps. Our annual Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) benchmarking study, which has been conducted in Malaysia since 2021, answers the question, “Which banks […]

Forrester’s 2023 Singapore CX Index Shows Scores Flat To Down

Tom Mouhsian September 12, 2023
Since 2018, Forrester has been tracking how Singaporean customers rate their experience with some of the biggest brands in banking and auto and home insurance. This year’s Singapore Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) study reveals several important findings: CX quality among Singapore’s banks slightly dipped. The overall quality of banking experiences has slightly dropped since […]

Introducing The APAC Financial Services Customer Trust Index, 2022

Tom Mouhsian May 8, 2023
Earning and defending customers’ trust, considering the current volatility in financial markets, the infamous downfall of Credit Suisse, the collapse of First Republic Bank, and the ongoing banking scandal in China, requires a special commitment, not lip service. Customers want to feel confident that their investment managers, banks, and insurers are reliable and trustworthy. They also expect genuine […]

The Rise Of Female Investors In Malaysia

Tom Mouhsian February 21, 2023
Demand For Investment Services Among Malaysian Women Is Up Female investors in Malaysia are on the rise. According to the nation’s stock exchange, there was a 36% increase in new trading accounts opened by female investors in 2021. They are also becoming more active, judging by the 194% increase in trading volumes between 2018 and […]

Banks Must Stop Acting Ad Hoc If They Want To Earn And Keep Customers’ Trust

Tom Mouhsian July 1, 2022
As custodians and lenders of money, banks cannot exist without their customers’ trust. But why do so few banks around the world actually track and measure it? We’ve examined how banks themselves look at trust and, even more importantly, what they actually do about it.

In The Post-Pandemic Age, How Will Financial Services Consumers Change In APAC?

Tom Mouhsian April 5, 2022
  We are happy to announce the publication of a series of data snapshots on APAC consumers’ attitudes and behaviors in the financial services industry. A data snapshot is a short data-focused report used to feature some of Forrester’s quantitative research — a specific data point, operational metric, or survey question. The data we shared […]

How To Make The CFO Your Ally

Tom Mouhsian August 30, 2021
The strong connection between customers and money — and how the first leads to the second — would make CX pros and CFOs realize the value of collaboration.

How COVID-19 Forced Wealth Managers To Become More Hybrid

Tom Mouhsian July 1, 2021
The Pandemic Signaled A Shift To Hybrid Sales And Service Models 2020 was a year of reckoning as face-to-face interactions disappeared and demand for digital engagement skyrocketed. This compelled wealth management firms to accelerate their digital transformations and upgrade their sales, service, and advisory capabilities. Over the past 12 months, the model approach has permanently […]

Vaccines Bring Hope, But New Challenges Arise

Tom Mouhsian March 17, 2021
There are now multiple COVID-19 vaccines paving the path to an eventual recovery of social and economic activity lost to the pandemic since 2020. However, it will not be an easy path due to tremendous challenges ranging from supply chain and distribution difficulties to ethical and policy-related concerns.

Understand Today’s Investors In Metro China, Hong Kong, And Singapore

Tom Mouhsian February 24, 2021
Why You Need A New Segmentation Approach To Understand Today’s Investors Wealth management firms commonly segment their clients by investable assets. But this is not enough to help firms decide on new products and services or optimize customer engagement models. Self-directedness is a crucial dimension that reliably predicts many investor attitudes and behaviors (see Figure […]

Singapore’s New Digital Banks Will Change The Banking Landscape Forever … Maybe

Tom Mouhsian December 8, 2020
In a landmark announcement made on December 4, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) awarded banking licenses to four players, two of which will serve the retail banking market using a digital full bank license. Notably, both of the lucky winners — i.e., the consortium formed by Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) and Grab Holdings Inc. (known […]

Brands In Singapore Are Getting Better At Customer Experience

Tom Mouhsian October 5, 2020
Since 2018, Forrester has been tracking how customers rate their experience with some of the biggest brands in banking and insurance. This year’s Singapore Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) study reveals several important findings, which can be summarized as follows: Customer experience quality in financial services in Singapore has improved. The overall quality of CX […]

The New Normal For Customer Experience: Join Our Keynote At Summit Asia Pacific

Tom Mouhsian August 10, 2020
The pandemic has introduced a tumultuous period that's shaping the future and forcing a shift in ways that business, technology, and consumer expectations develop from this point forward. We at Forrester have identified five key shifts that will take place over the next five or more years.

COVID-19: For Airlines, It Is Time To Give Nothing Less Than Their Best

Tom Mouhsian March 30, 2020
During a crisis, humanity prevails through unity, empathy, responsibility, and leadership. Read our five strategic recommendations for airline executives to focus on during the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Leading Airlines Display Compassion, Resilience, And Good Old Business Sense

Tom Mouhsian March 30, 2020
Airlines have a major role to play in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic because they are part and fabric of this interconnected world, carrying people and cargo.

What To Expect From Predictions 2020 Singapore

Frederic Giron November 15, 2019
Forrester's leading analysts share what to expect at our 2020 Predictions event in Singapore on November 19.

How Much Is CX Actually Worth In Profit For Telecoms?

Tom Mouhsian November 5, 2019
We all instinctively believe that great customer experience can bring financial success, but proving this with numbers can be a real challenge. If you are a CX professional working in a telecom, this research is particularly relevant to you.

Consumers Demand Hybrid CX

Tom Mouhsian October 30, 2019
The Falsehood Of Digital As The North Star Ever since “digital” swept across the world and became a word that’s almost synonymous with innovation, companies large and small have been in a race to digitize . . . everything! Driven in part by the (correct) assumption that customers themselves are increasingly digital, and bolstered by […]
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