From Captive To Captivating: Build A 2021 Strategy That Gives Audiences The Content They Really Want

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

As if B2B marketing wasn’t hard enough, audiences are bombarded with more digital content than ever as the COVID-19 universe moves toward 2021. Without alternatives for reaching their new buyers and customers, many sellers are simply increasing digital content quantity and delivery frequency and methods. To rise above the noise, sellers need to ensure the content they push out comes from insight-driven plans with an understanding of what audiences need to know to move forward with them versus competitors.

In this webinar, B2B content planning best practices, see data on asset preferences, and learn how to construct meaningful content journeys that engage and deliver.

You will walk away from this session knowing:

  • What it means to be empathetic with your B2B content and why it matters.
  • How the pandemic has impacted buyer preferences.
  • Key components of a resilient and agile 2021 content strategy.

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45 minutes