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The B2B Content Guide: Make Sales Your Ally In Content Marketing

Josephine Phua November 2, 2022
Sales reps play a critical role in streamlining relevant content for prospects. Find out more in our latest blog.

The B2B Content Guide: High-Performing Campaigns Succeed Across The Buyer Journey

Andia Tonner October 19, 2022
Create an insight-driven B2B content strategy development that aligns to the campaign implementation process. Find out more.

The B2B Content Guide: Buyers Value Diverse Content Sources And Elements

Miriam Oesterreich October 5, 2022
Technology expertise, credibility, and data drive tech buyer decisions. Find out more in our latest blog.

The B2B Content Guide: The Building Blocks Of Content Strategy

Asha Dinesh September 21, 2022
To meet buyer expectations, b2b content must provide the information buyers need at every stage of their purchase journey.

The Quantum Physics Of Future-Ready B2B Content

Phyllis Davidson September 9, 2022
Advances in AI, automation, and analytics paired with growing expectations from buyers will fundamentally change the way we think about content and how it’s used.

The B2B Content Guide: Tech Buyers Need Relevant Vendor Content Pre- And Post-Sales

Sanny Mok September 8, 2022
Marketers must create content that engages customers throughout the lifecycle or risk losing them.

MVP: Baseball, Product Development, And B2B Content Strategy

Phyllis Davidson December 6, 2021
Make your minimum viable content your most valuable content by ensuring it addresses your audience needs and helps you score home runs. 

Pole Position: Three Ways To Fuel Your Content Engine For Success

Phyllis Davidson March 10, 2021
Content engines in B2B organisations have their own fuel, care, and feeding needs to drive the right level of audience engagement.

Happy B2B “Contentukkah”: Spinning The Editorial Dreidel

Phyllis Davidson December 16, 2020
In the eighth post in Forrester’s 12 days of Christmas blog series, we offer the eight B2B content best practices of “Contentukkah,” the annual holiday commemorating well-written assets.

The Grand Trine Redux: Achieving More Effective B2B Marketing Post-Pandemic

Phyllis Davidson December 11, 2020
A grand trine in astrology occurs when three planets are exactly 120 degrees apart. In her latest blog post for Forrester, Phyllis Davidson shares how three elements are coming together to fuel more effective B2B marketing. Check out the blog post and attend the webinar – you don’t need a telescope to see this grand trine!

Inject Your Marketing Playlist With Swagger: Tune Into These Five Inspirational Trends

Phyllis Davidson April 30, 2020
  • B2B buyers engage in an average total of 18 meaningful interactions with a company before they buy, making it especially challenging for marketers to deliver content with swagger
  • To provide the dynamic and personalized digital experience B2B buyers demand, marketers must operationalize buyer insights, content, and delivery mechanisms
  • Effective tactical execution requires a data-driven approach that continuously adapts to new buyer insights and activity

COVID-19: How B2B Content Leaders Are Responding

Phyllis Davidson April 21, 2020
  • Pivoting to new messaging and content is a top priority in B2B at this time of global crisis
  • To support shifting needs, cross-functional B2B teams must be flexible and nimble
  • Content leaders and their teams are well positioned to provide strategy and resources to support the new normal

This Halloween: Avoid Frankenstein Content Planning and Calamities

Phyllis Davidson October 28, 2019
  • B2B content marketers often struggle with the complexities of pulling together strategically effective plans
  • Programs demand better audience focus with content personalization, but technology, process and regulatory challenges lurk
  • On the occasion of Halloween, here are a few tricks to help unlock the secrets to better content planning

Déjà Vu, a Premonition, or Just Another Day in Martech: Upland Software Acquires Kapost

Phyllis Davidson June 11, 2019
  • Upland Software recently acquired Kapost, a content operations and marketing platform vendor
  • This acquisition may foretell a trend in the marketplace
  • Buyers and vendors alike must tread carefully, balancing the potential opportunity against near-term needs

Is it Bigger Than a Bread Box? Describing Your B2B Content Team

Phyllis Davidson October 22, 2018
  • Although centralized content teams are becoming more common, many functions are still in their formative stages
  • Before creating their first annual plan, new content teams need to establish an identity
  • This identity provides a foundation by outlining a team charter and core set of strategies

Lucy, Ethel, Chocolate and A New Look at the B2B Content Factory

Phyllis Davidson April 16, 2018
  • All factories, regardless of their end products, must manage a mix of resources, raw materials and process constraints
  • B2B content factory teams face increased complexity as they work to support requirements associated with new audiences, assets and channels
  • The SiriusDecisions Content Factory Model, to debut at SiriusDecisions Summit 2018, provides a construct for optimizing content factory operations

Cat Videos, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Content Strategy

Phyllis Davidson April 11, 2018
  • Advanced technology capabilities and higher B2B consumer expectations have led to more complex content strategy requirements
  • Different content strategy approaches are needed for content marketing, campaign content and Web site content
  • B2B content leaders need to facilitate cross-functional collaboration for an audience-centric content strategy across these three areas

Content Consistency Culprits and Their Content Capers

Phyllis Davidson January 5, 2018
  • With an ever-increasing need for more content for a growing number of audiences, maintaining brand consistency and solution details is no easy task
  • Consistency sins abound in B2B organizations – from the use of outdated product names to mix-ups in logos
  • By addressing content consistency with a cross-functional process from the context of the content lifecycle, redemption is possible 

Winning The B2B Dating Game

Phyllis Davidson August 21, 2017
  • Marketing recognizes the need to find new ways to keep prospects and customers engaged through complex buyer journeys
  • According to the SiriusDecisions 2017 Global CMO Study, top priorities for CMOs include enhancing customer experience and addressing changing buying behavior
  • Attracting and keeping B2B customers is similar to playing a dating game 

Content, AI and Human Domination

Phyllis Davidson May 9, 2017
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a controversial and provocative topic that’s impacting many areas of business
  • AI-based solutions are being used to “read” and score business content and make improvement recommendations
  • A comprehensive content strategy should apply such solutions to all enterprise content to support brand consistency and quality
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