Worshipping The Right Hero: Effective B2B Brand Storytelling

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

B2B content is often myopic and generic, focused on product and buzzwords rather than authentic meaning and value. Content that focuses on audience-centric storytelling is more memorable and engaging. This session will provide an approach to creating compelling B2B stories with consideration for brand journalism that places the audience at the centre of the narrative.

On Wednesday 14 July, join Forrester experts, Phyllis Davidson, VP, Principal Analyst, Ian Bruce, Principal Analyst, April Henderson, VP, Consulting Director and Jon Erickson, VP, Total Economic Impact (TEI) as they share best practices for effective B2B brand storytelling.

Discover how to:

  • Use the techniques of storytelling to build more engagement with your audience.
  • Connect brand to business value and drive awareness, demand, and engagement.  
  • Define the attributes needed to inform an audience-centric go-to-market content strategy.

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