Leading In A Time Of Crisis: A Webinar For CMOs And Marketing Leaders

The current global pandemic and related implications has affected all types of companies: some have experienced an immediate slowdown in demand for their services, while others have seen demand for their services accelerate. No company is immune and every marketing leader has been tasked with guiding their organisation’s response to the crisis. As the full implications of COVID-19 remain unknown, marketing leaders must navigate the challenges it presents and make decisions that shape the course of their efforts short and longer term. Adaptability, focus, and decisiveness will be key for marketing leaders and CMO’s as they attempt to weather the current storm.

In this complimentary webinar, Meta Karagianni, VP Research Director and Robin MacKenzie, Principal Analyst for Marketing Executive Strategies will share the potential actions that B2B CMOs/ Marketing Leaders should take in five key areas:

  • Marketing Strategy and Transformation: revisit the longer-term marketing strategy and associated milestones in light of the pandemic and align on critical adjustments with sales and product leaders.
  • Marketing Planning and Investment: revisit and adjust marketing plans to focus immediate and shorter-term marketing efforts.
  • Campaign Strategy: fine-tune campaigns adjusting program and tactic mix
  • Brand and Communications: lead the crisis response and re-assess brand-centric campaigns and messaging
  • Marketing Organisational Design and Development: re-allocate resources and assess capacity implications and potential competency gaps to support a changing landscape

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60 minutes