Marketing Strategy And Planning: It’s All About The “And.”

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Successful marketing is practically impossible without a solid multiyear strategy. But a strategy without a plan to execute it is just a nice presentation, and an annual marketing plan that isn’t rooted in an understood strategy is just a bunch of tactics, not a path to sustainable growth. 

If you struggle to connect your marketing strategy to your planning and execution, you don’t want to miss this webinar  Marketing Strategy And Planning: It’s All About The “And.”

You’ll hear VP, Senior Research Director Jennifer Ross clearly explain:

  • What you can do to create two-way flow between your 3-5-year strategy and your annual plan. 
  • How this works in practice, sharing real-life examples from our clients. 
  • Six actions you can take now to start bringing your marketing strategy and plan together. 

Jennifer talks about finding “the happy place” where strategy and planning come together to deliver a focused approach that makes marketing a valued business partner and growth driver. Watch this webinar now and learn how to make that happen. 

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45 minutes