What Are B2B Marketing Leaders Measuring In 2021

Forrester APAC Complimentary On-Demand Webinar

A complimentary Forrester virtual panel

Forrester recently completed a 2020 Metrics Study and looked at the metrics included on the leadership dashboards used by B2B marketing leaders to express performance. The selection of metrics provides a clearer view of what B2B marketing leaders are prioritizing. Differences seen between high and low – growth organizations provide a view into how successful companies focus their performance measurement.

Are you curious about what B2B marketing leaders are measuring? How does it compare with what your organization is measuring?

Watch this webinar with VP, Principal Analyst Ross Graber where he will share the metric study findings and discuss key focus areas with leading industry practitioners.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deep dive into metrics that B2B marketing leaders use to manage performance
  • Closer look at 2020 Metrics Study and data gathered on top-level marketing dashboards
  • Panel discussion with industry practitioners

Duration: 60 minutes

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Duration: 60 mins

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