Competing For Today’s Values-Based Consumers

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Consumers increasingly seek out brands that align with their personal values. Forty-one percent of US online adults want to buy from companies closely associated with social, environmental, and political issues, while 68% say that a company’s social responsibility reputation has at least some influence on their purchasing with that firm.

Locked in a battle for values-based consumer dollars, brands are touting their principles to win hearts, minds, and wallet share. In this complimentary webinar, Principal Analyst Jim Nail and Senior Analyst Anjali Lai explain what drives today’s values-based consumer and how brands can clearly and authentically deliver their values messaging.  

This webinar explores, among other topics:

  • The forces driving values-based purchasing.
  • How brands will compete on values in 2020.
  • The potential bottom-line impact of authentic brand values.
  • What it will take to win values-based spending.

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45 minutes