It starts with an insatiable curiosity. As we listen and get to know our clients, that’s when we have the power to help them transform their business. Whether you want to hone your strengths or discover new ones, Forrester is the place to go for it. As part of our internship program, you’ll grow with every bold move you make.

About Us

At Forrester, we help business and technology leaders use customer obsession to accelerate growth and put bold into action. We empower our clients to put their customers at the center of everything they do and harness the confidence to navigate today’s ever-evolving world.

During our internship program, you’ll gain real-life work experience and develop the skills and network needed to start your career, all while helping our clients succeed.

The Program

Programming is central to Forrester’s internship experience. We offer opportunities for interns to grow both as a cohort and individually, all while contributing to Forrester’s global impact.


Get hands-on experience working in your chosen field by participating in projects and day-to-day work.


Build your network and soft skills to thrive in any professional environment, and develop the knowledge and confidence to navigate your career path successfully.


Planned programming and consistent benchmarks ensure a cohesive and organized learning experience throughout the program.

Forrester Interns

Read the stories from past Forrester interns for their firsthand experiences. Youll find a lot of humanity, ambition, and curiosity here. 

Riley McDonnell, Social Media Intern

Within the first month of my internship, I knew that, if the opportunity arose, I would want to return to Forrester upon graduation. My role challenged me to think more critically and work creatively in ways that I had not before. My manager facilitated an individualized experience where I was not treated as an intern but as a colleague. I felt trusted to explore my ideas and take on responsibilities that pushed me to gain confidence and ability, whether it was leading meetings with senior employees, pitching ideas for campaign strategies, or working across departments to streamline their content process. 

Morgan Warren, Business Analyst & Quality Assurance Intern

Interning with the Salesforce team at Forrester allowed me to gain invaluable experience that led to my first job post-graduation as an associate QA consultant at Salesforce. My internship helped me refine my desired career path by showing me how my computer science skill set can be applied to various roles, including quality assurance/testing and business analysis. I also sharpened my professional skills through opportunities to present to executive leadership and facilitate software training sessions for my team. 

Jacob Boyce, Data Science Intern

My Forrester internship showed me firsthand what solving business problems with machine learning could look like. Over the summer, I built a proof of concept for a generative AI chatbot that allowed users to converse with Forrester’s research. The architecture behind this tool was then adapted and transformed into Forresters client-facing genAI tool, Izola. Working on real, impactful projects at Forrester progressed my technical ability astronomically. 

At Forrester, diversity and inclusion is firmly rooted in our values. We believe in fostering a culture where diverse perspectives are invited, heard, valued, and integral to propelling our business and employee experience forward.

Fadjanie Cadet
Director, Diversity & Inclusion


Here, interns are given the tools and support they need to go far. Were right there beside you, every step of the way. See below for an overview of some of our perks to help you grow both professionally and personally: 

Development Opportunities

Learn about your industry and grow professionally while engaging in impactful work. 

Global Experience

Work with employees across the globe. Forrester has a presence across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. 

Future Employment

Experience a promising career path and build a foundation for a potential future at Forrester. 

Hybrid Work

Have the flexibility to work from home some days and be energized by being together in the office with colleagues the other days. Hybrid is the best of both worlds. 


Satisfy your hunger to learn with a variety of learning resources to build your knowledge and skills. 


Keep your growth on track with frequent feedback and progress tracking with your manager.

Job Opportunities

Cambridge, MA

North America Field Marketing Intern

Graphic Design Intern

The Interview Process

Get insights to help you perform at your very best during your interview.

Here at Forrester, we welcome people from all backgrounds and perspectives. Our aim is for all candidates to be able to fully participate in Forrester’s recruitment process. If you would like to discuss a accommodation, please reach out to


Interested in a permanent role?

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