It’s Never Been More Important To Be Truly Customer Obsessed


This is not a passing storm after which we will return to a comfortable normal. This new normal requires leaders to think and act differently.

— George Colony, Forrester founder and CEO on The Age of the Customer

In the age of the customer, customer obsession isn’t a buzzword, it’s a requirement for business success. Customers have more leverage than ever before and as a result, their expectations are higher. Even the best firms have to rethink their fundamental operating principles in order to become customer-obsessed.

Forrester can help.

We work with business and technology leaders to drive customer-obsessed vision, strategy, and execution that accelerate growth. How? By providing research, consulting, and events that empower marketing, CX, and technology leaders to expand their vision, build their strategy, and execute brilliantly. Forrester’s entire portfolio of offerings is informed by our exclusive research and insights, designed to help you build a customer-obsessed enterprise.

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Clear Justification

Every dollar spent needs justification. The guidance you receive as a Forrester client will have a measurable and direct impact on your bottom line. Forrester clients are 34% more profitable than non-clients and Forrester’s most engaged clients are 52% more profitable than non-clients.


Forrester clients are 34% more profitable than non-clients


Forrester's most engaged clients are 52% more profitable than non-clients.

Since 1983, Forrester has been providing clients with a bold, data-driven view of the future. In the age of the customer, we measure ourselves by our clients’ success and partner with them to drive the best business outcomes together. Contact us today to learn how we can help you deliver differentiated customer experiences, drive revenue and profit, and win in the age of the customer.