On The Path To CX Impact: How To Prioritise Your Customer Experience Projects

A Complimentary Live Webinar

CX prioritisation is the art and science of making decisions, an active process of choosing one thing over another, considering its impact to your customers.

Your organisation need a CX prioritisation framework to ensure decisions are made consciously, based on fact, and grounded in what matters most, especially when there are so many CX projects vying for your limited budget and resource.

In this live webinar, join Principal Analyst Riccardo Pasto to learn:

  • How to pick the right CX projects and execute them in the right order by measuring their impact
  • What important customer and business data you will need to underpin your CX prioritisation efforts
  • How to ensure your prioritisation process is good enough to support you in making confident and informed decisions

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Duration: 45 mins

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We look forward to you joining us at this live webinar “Southeast Asian Banks: Stop Customer Churn Before It Happens“, on Thursday, 8th October 2020.

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