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CX APAC 2023 Highlights: Taking A Bold Stance

Riccardo Pasto July 6, 2023
Forrester’s CX APAC 2023 was an incredibly successful event, sharing vast industry knowledge and experience across two days of keynotes, track sessions, and case studies. We want to thank everyone involved in making the event such a success, in particular our amazing lineup of industry speakers without whom this event wouldn’t have been possible. In […]

CX APAC 2023: Bold Focus

Riccardo Pasto March 2, 2023
Create A Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine To Thrive In Tough Times Today, the world is more challenged than ever as a series of health, environmental, socioeconomic, and geopolitical crises have pushed uncertainty to extreme levels. This systemic disorder and uncertainty exposed a lack of customer focus in many organizations. Amid these challenges, customer experience (CX) programs […]

Australians’ Laid-Back Reputation Hides The Truth About Our Ability To Trust

Jinan Budge October 30, 2022
People are hardwired to trust other people and, by extension, the organizations they engage with. As an organization, your success or failure at earning and keeping trust ultimately determines not only the fate of your relationship with customers, employees, and partners but the future prospects of the organization itself. But few business, political, or technical […]

The Trust Imperative For Government Leaders

Sam Higgins May 31, 2022
In 2021, Forrester ran a pilot study of Australian adults to measure how people’s trust in government drives critical behaviours. We found that Australians have moderate trust in the institution of government. On average, only 28% of Australians trust the federal government. That is lower than the average of 35% who trust state governments and 31% who trust their local leaders.

Ready To Drive Deep Transformational Change? Learn How At CX APAC 2022

Riccardo Pasto April 5, 2022
Join us at CX APAC where you will walk away with insights to create strong relationships with your customers to proactively build engagement, loyalty and trust to stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

Create A Connected Experience To Grow In 2021

Riccardo Pasto March 11, 2021
2020 was no doubt a crazy year. But despite all the disruption, APAC organizations actually delivered better customer experiences in 2020 than in 2019. In Australia, one bank and two superannuation firms saw statistically significant improvements in their Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) scores. In India, most experiences were good despite a sharp dip in […]

Facebook’s Ban On News Is A Blow To Consumers, Not Regulators

Sam Higgins February 22, 2021
UPDATE: On February 22, Facebook announced that it would restore access to news media content in Australia. This decision was taken after the Australian government agreed to changes within the regulatory regime that would: 1) take account of existing deals between platforms and publishers; 2) allow for mediation prior to arbitration; and 3) include additional […]

Service New South Wales Is The Clear CX Leader In Australia’s Public Sector

Riccardo Pasto November 29, 2020
Our Australia government Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) 2020 results are in! The CX Index tests 30 drivers of CX and 27 emotions to reveal the factors that make a government experience easy, effective, and emotionally engaging. These indicators explain each government organization’s overall CX Index score and impact on mission performance. This year, we […]

Australian FSI Firms Have Responded Well To The Pandemic, But Their CX Is Just OK

Riccardo Pasto October 8, 2020
The 2020 Australia Banking and Superannuation Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) results are live! COVID-19 stress-tested the robustness of Australian banks’ and supers’ governance structures and crisis management plans as the industry experienced rapid regulatory changes. Firms Must Focus On CX That Builds Loyalty To Come Out Ahead In The Crisis Forrester’s CX Index methodology […]

The New Normal For Customer Experience: Join Our Keynote At Summit Asia Pacific

Tom Mouhsian August 10, 2020
The pandemic has introduced a tumultuous period that's shaping the future and forcing a shift in ways that business, technology, and consumer expectations develop from this point forward. We at Forrester have identified five key shifts that will take place over the next five or more years.

Mobile Banking Apps Take Center Stage As Australians Embrace Digital Banking

Zhi Ying Barry July 15, 2020
ATM use and branch traffic are way down, while contactless payments and digital banking services have increased dramatically. COVID-19 has forced Australian consumers to adopt digital banking, and the change is here to stay.

The New South Wales Government Embarks On A Bold Journey To Improve Customer Experience

Riccardo Pasto September 2, 2019
The most populous Australian state is rolling out a unique CX improvement plan. The goal? Match or exceed the customer experience in the private sector.

Hong Kong Banks Must Raise The Bar In Mobile Banking

Meng Liu August 28, 2019
For the first time, Forrester has evaluated banks in Hong Kong, the famous world finance hub. We benchmarked the usability and functionality of the mobile apps of five banks in Hong Kong.

Chinese Banks Offer Great Functionality And Usability, But There’s Still Ample Room For Improvement

Riccardo Pasto July 5, 2019
Chinese banks are vying to offer consumers the best possible mobile experience. We break down what's working and where there's room for improvement.

CX Pros, Add Rigor To How You Prioritize And Drive Business Results

Riccardo Pasto April 19, 2019
Firms Are Failing To Differentiate With CX Today, customer expectations are outpacing brands’ ability to adapt and differentiate with customer experience (CX). Take Australia, for example. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) data shows how CX quality in Australia languished, and yet again, no brand managed to make it into the excellent category. On average, […]

Customer Experience Trends In China, 2018

Riccardo Pasto June 8, 2018
What CX trends will affect customer loyalty and help you build competitive advantage? Look at what China reveals about the future of customer experiences. Until only a few years ago, most CX pros would have scoffed at talk of China as an innovator. But this has changed at breathtaking speed. Today, China has become so […]

HaiDiLao Cooks The Competition With Memorable Customer Service

Riccardo Pasto May 7, 2018
How do you differentiate your brand in highly competitive markets, especially when competitors promptly copy anything that works? Learn from HaiDiLao, China’s most popular chain of hot-pot restaurants. HaiDiLao evokes positive emotions from customers with memorably crafted human interactions. The company empowers its staff to personalize experience delivery as customers or scenarios demand. Let me […]

Physical Spaces Find A New Purpose In A Digital World

Riccardo Pasto December 29, 2016
China is set overtake the US as the largest retail market by the end of 2016, with retail sales approaching $4.9 trillion. In the Customer Experience Takes Center Stage In The Future Of Retail report, we outline the forces that are reshaping China's retail landscape and driving this massive growth. A handful of Chinese internet […]

The China Customer Experience Index For 2016: Chinese Firms Have Upped Their CX Game

Riccardo Pasto September 9, 2016
The 2016 China Customer Experience Index report, which I co-authored with Asia Pacific CX team principal analyst Ryan Hart, went live last Thursday at Forrester’s CX Marketing Shanghai 2016 forum. The report is based on Forrester’s CX Index™ methodology, which measures how successfully a company delivers a customer experience (CX) that create and sustain loyalty — as […]