Unlock The Secret To Designing A Better Chatbot

Your chatbot design can make or break your ability to grow customer value with delightful experiences. It’s a crucial touchpoint that can cement loyalty when done right — or cause customers to fall out of love with your brand if done poorly.

So why is it so hard to execute a satisfying chatbot experience? Because almost nobody pays as much attention to design and user experience as they do to the technology behind a chatbot.

Read this e-book to explore a process for designing chatbots that will resonate with your customers. Discover how to use customer needs as a focal point for chatbot creation, and explore ways to align chatbot experiences across the organization — from IT to digital.

If you want better chatbots, pay more attention to design. That’s the lesson revealed by our research. Read the e-book to learn why and discover:

  • Why “let IT build it” usually leads to failed chatbots and frustrated customers.
  • The missing ingredient: how to apply conversation design when you build chatbots.
  • Three practical steps to creating chatbots that delight your users.


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