ZeroTrust for Governments

Implementing Zero Trust For The Public Sector

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

Public networks are under attack from all manner of threats: enemy nations, hackers, rogue assets, malicious insiders, and more. Although organisations have done well combatting threats and hardening systems, perimeter-focused security paradigms create avenues of compromise and don’t take full advantage of next-generation security technologies.

Forrester has continued its research and support of this security concept for more than 10 years, and it doesn’t look like we will be drifting from the herd anytime soon. Why? Because old-school approaches to security aren’t cutting it. Many organisations in the public sector feel that Zero Trust is too hard, time-consuming, or costly to implement, but it will save your organisation in the long run.

Join Paul McKay, Senior Analyst, Security and Risk and Laura Koetzle, VP, Group Director for a complimentary webinar, covering:

  • What is Zero Trust – Zero Trust is a concept founded by Forrester alum, John Kindervag, in 2009 that centre on the belief that trust is a vulnerability, and security must be designed with the strategy, “Never trust, always verify.”
  • Why Zero Trust – Organisations in the public sector can leverage Zero Trust to improve their security, reduce risk, and improve customer experience in the process.
  • How to Get Started – Forrester has worked alongside various organisations in the public sector as well as government agencies across Europe on their Zero Trust strategy. Learn from their successes, avoid common mistakes, and start your Zero Trust strategy today.

Duration: 60 mins (incl. 10 mins Q&A)

ZeroTrust for Governments

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