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Cisco Live EMEA 2024: Yes, AI Was Everywhere, And So Was A Surprising Amount of Innovation

Madelein van der Hout March 26, 2024
Cisco Live EMEA 2024 was a different event than past years and provided some pleasant surprises. Read our key takeaways from the event based on presentations and personal interactions with some Cisco executives.

Prévisions 2024 : Europe

Laura Koetzle 24 Octobre 2023
En 2024, l’UE s’attend à un retour à la normale avec un taux d’inflation de 3,2 %, mais cela signifie simplement que les prix élevés d’aujourd’hui augmenteront plus lentement.

Predictions 2024: Invest In AI And Sustainability Compliance To Flourish As The EU Pursues Regulatory Superpowerdom

Laura Koetzle October 24, 2023
Forrester’s Predictions 2024 for Europe show a dynamic year ahead, with new technologies, reporting requirements, and ways of working. Read our predictions for Europe.

Prognosen für Europa 2024

Laura Koetzle 24 Oktober 2023
Die Forrester-Prognosen 2024 für Europa zeigen, dass ein dynamisches Jahr bevorsteht, mit neuen Technologien, Reporting-Anforderungen und Arbeitsweisen. Lesen Sie unsere Prognosen für Europa.

Planifier 2024 : L’excès de prudence est à éviter

Laura Koetzle September 13, 2023
Malgré des prévisions incertaines, les leaders européens doivent éviter un excès de prudence et investir sur les points forts.

Planung für 2024

Laura Koetzle 4 September 2023
Welche speziellen Handlungsempfehlungen sollten führende europäische Unternehmen für die Planung 2024 priorisieren? Jetzt mehr im Blog von Laura Koetzle lesen.

2024 Planning: European Leaders Must Avoid An Excess Of Caution And Invest In Bright Spots

Laura Koetzle September 3, 2023
Many of the signals we normally use to plan for the coming year are pointing in ambiguous, counterintuitive, or contradictory directions. But submitting to excessive caution would be a mistake.

Forrester’s 2023 Enterprise Architecture Awards Winner And Finalist For EMEA

Laura Koetzle August 22, 2023
Learn how our EMEA Enterprise Architecture Award winner and finalist use outcome-driven enterprise architecture for business success.

Nominate Your Organization For Forrester’s Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

Joseph Blankenship July 27, 2023
In June, Forrester announced our inaugural Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award. Today, we’re extending the deadline for submissions to September 12 to give applicants time to finish their much-needed summer vacations and complete the application process. The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award will recognize organizations — and their leaders — that have transformed the […]

Announcing Forrester’s Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

Stephanie Balaouras June 21, 2023
Forrester is thrilled to announce its inaugural Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award, which will recognize security organizations that have transformed the security, privacy, and risk management functions to fuel long-term success. Learn how to apply here.

Insights From The 2023 RSA Conference: Generative AI, Quantum, And Innovation Sandbox

Allie Mellen May 2, 2023
There's growing hype around generative AI in the security world, some of it warranted, some of it not so much. Learn more by reading the Forrester security and risk team’s key perspectives from RSAC 2023.

The SVB Crisis Highlights The Importance Of Resilience And The Imperative Of Trust

Stephanie Balaouras March 14, 2023
While the long-term implications of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse are still unfolding, technology and digital business leaders can learn some valuable lessons about resilience, innovation, and trust.

Prévisions Européennes 2023 : Points Clés

Laura Koetzle 25 Octobre 2022
Découvrez les principales prévisions en Europe pour 2023 identifiées par nos experts analystes. Une année qui sera tumultueuse !

Prognosen für Europa 2023

Laura Koetzle 25 Oktober 2022
Geopolitische und wirtschaftliche Turbulenzen sowie die Nachwirkungen der Pandemie werden die Organisationen in Europa vor Herausforderungen stellen. Jetzt erfahren, worauf es im kommenden Jahr ankommt.

European Predictions 2023: Highlights

Laura Koetzle October 25, 2022
Geopolitical and economic turbulence along with the aftermath of the pandemic will pose challenges for organisations in Europe. Discover three key things to look out for in the year ahead.

Enel Excels With A Future Fit Tech Strategy

Laura Koetzle October 21, 2022
Congratulations to Enel for being named the EMEA region winner of Forrester’s inaugural Technology Strategy Impact award. In a keynote session at our recent Technology & Innovation EMEA event, Laura Koetzle, VP and group research director with Forrester, sat down with Alberto Cossu, head of digital strategy with Enel Group, to discuss the company’s transformation […]

How The Green Market Revolution Will Change What We Eat

Laura Koetzle October 18, 2022
The green market will reshape everything we do. And that includes what we eat; food production accounts for more than 25% of all global carbon emissions. Find out more in this blog post.

La Planification 2023 Exigera De La Discipline Et De La Précision

Laura Koetzle 3 Octobre 2022
Alors que les craintes de guerre, d'inflation et de pénurie de carburant assombrissent la situation à court terme pour les entreprises, il sera essentiel d'être astucieux en matière d'investissements et d'initiatives.

The Forrester Enterprise Architecture Award Finalists For EMEA

Paul McKay September 30, 2022
Customer requirements and business needs are constantly changing. In order to successfully address those shifts, organizations are left with no choice but to align their ecosystems. Enterprise architecture (EA) is key when it comes to rewiring business capabilities to a value-driven approach and reinforcing organizational preparedness for future. The Forrester Outcome-Driven Architecture Model is founded on architecture […]

For European Leaders, 2023 Planning Requires Discipline And Precision

Laura Koetzle September 6, 2022
As war, inflation, and fuel shortage fears cloud the near-term picture for businesses, being shrewd with investments and initiatives will be key.
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