Predictions 2022 For B2B Marketing Leaders

From disruption to springboard: Five trends that will drive B2B marketing in 2022 

Even for B2B marketers, who have spent the last two decades being champions of change, the last two years have been especially disruptive. Changes that were already happening accelerated. Meaningful new initiatives were created in response to the chaos. 

What does it all mean for you and for the future of your marketing team? Watch this webinar and get a research-based look at what’s taking place. We’ll examine five predictions about the most critical imperatives we see for B2B marketers as we look ahead to 2022. Discover: 

  • What market forces drove our 2022 predictions. 
  • How B2B marketers will leverage disruption to structure a redefined role and remit. 
  • How this redefined role will mandate changes in goals, measurement, and structure. 

B2B marketers have a unique opportunity to turn disruption into opportunity. Watch this webinar and discover how to make that happen! 

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