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VP, Group Research Director

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Predictions 2022: B2B Marketing Leaders Will Leverage Disruption To Structure A Redefined Role

Lori Wizdo October 28, 2021


Introducing Planning Assumptions 2021: Seizing Opportunity Amid Disruption

Monica Behncke September 17, 2020
Amid unprecedented uncertainty lies vast opportunity for B2B leaders. Monica Behncke, Vice President, Group Research Director, explains in her introduction to Forrester’s 2021 Planning Assumptions.

Do Advanced Digital Capabilities Mean More Tools?

Monica Behncke March 9, 2017
  • Many companies mistakenly equate advanced digital capabilities with advanced digital tools
  • Advanced digital capabilities are about the coordination of planning, executing and reporting of digital and non-digital activities
  • Breaking down digital silos is the best way to be digitally advanced

An Insider’s View of Austin for SDTechX Attendees

Monica Behncke November 7, 2016
  • Next week, the eclectic city of Austin will host SiriusDecisions’ second annual Technology Exchange
  • SiriusDecisions’ Austin-based employees list their must-see attractions while you’re at TechX
  • Here are 12 things you can do to experience the embodiment of the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”

How Can B2B Marketers Use Augmented Reality?

Monica Behncke November 3, 2016
  • Widespread knowledge of augmented reality exploded this summer with the launch of Pokémon GO
  • B2B marketers need to understand the potential uses of augmented reality and be familiar with the platforms and capabilities
  • To compete in the current market, plan to experiment with a pilot in 2017

Demand Creation? Yeah, We Got That

Monica Behncke September 21, 2016
  • After many years of experience, it might seem like there’s nothing new in demand creation – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth
  • High-growth companies are always looking for better or more effective ways to work
  • Leading demand marketers are thinking about learning databases, agile programs, programmatic ad buying and privacy

Five Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Marketing Organization

Monica Behncke July 8, 2016
  • Building a best in class marketing function starts with understanding the company’s growth objectives and initiatives
  • Functional workflow needs to be determined before names are put in boxes
  • High individual job satisfaction is a requirement for sustainable best in class marketing

Disruptions Are Like Thunderstorms: They Produce the Brightest Rainbows

Monica Behncke May 11, 2016
  • At SiriusDecisions Summit 2016, we will introduce the SiriusDecisions Disruption Radar ™
  • Companies need a simple, yet highly effective way to analyze and capitalize on major disruptive trends
  • Disruptions are generally do not occur instantaneously but in recognizable stages – and they can be anticipated

For a Healthy Demand Creation Function – Check Your Balance

Monica Behncke April 20, 2016
  • A healthy demand creation function balances the engine, the fuel (programs) and the delivery mechanisms
  • Demand creation leaders should consider the balance of resources and their alignment of resources against objectives
  • Demand creation programs must be built for discrete objectives and use a mix of inbound and outbound tactics

Insider Tips, Part 2: How to Maximize the ROI of Your SiriusDecisions Relationship

Monica Behncke February 18, 2014

SiriusDecisions analyst, Monica Behncke, follows up previous post with an additional five tips on how Sirius clients can maximize the ROI of their relationship, based on her experiences as both a client and an analyst.


Insider Tips, Part 1: How to Maximize the ROI of Your SiriusDecisions Relationship

Monica Behncke February 10, 2014

SiriusDecisions’ Monica Benhncke explains that she was a Sirius client for about three years, with a goal to maximize ROI on marketing spend, before she came on board as an analyst. Now as an analyst, she realized there was even more value available that she could have leveraged from her Sirius relationship, and she shares tip on how other can.


Which Content Translation Strategy Is Best?

Monica Behncke December 11, 2013
A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on how to decide whether to translate marketing content. For each piece of content, the decision should be based on a set of predetermined factors. If a company decides to translate a given set of content, the next step is determining how to go about it. […]

Content Sequencing for Inbound Marketing

Monica Behncke October 24, 2013

Content sequencing (providing specific, sequential offers to a target audience based on its last behavior or response) has historically been in the exclusive domain of outbound marketing – typically in the form of e-mails. That is, until OneSpot, a vendor from Austin, Texas, recently briefed us on its new offering, which brings content sequencing to inbound marketing.


Lost In Translation: When Should You Translate Marketing Content?

Monica Behncke September 16, 2013
Marketers often struggle with weighing the costs of translation (in time and money) against the costs of potentially being ignored or misunderstood due to not translating. In 2010, Hiroshi Mikitani, cofounder and CEO of Internet service company Rakuten, launched a plan that he called Englishnization. He gradually made English the corporate language of his global […]

Six Ways Marketers Can Get Inspiration From the Laws of Nature

Monica Behncke August 19, 2013
Biomimicry is the art and science of taking inspiration from, or imitating, nature’s best ideas. Velcro was inspired by the tiny hooks in burrs. The science behind medical patches (e.g. the nicotine patch) takes its cue from mosquitos, which can sting you without your feeling it (it’s the itch from the poison that you feel, […]

Can Marketing and IT Get Along?

Monica Behncke July 30, 2013

One of the fundamental challenges of the marketing/IT relationship is the contrast between the overall mission and motivation of these two functions. Developing a marketing/IT alliance requires willingness and hard work, but it can create an enormous competitive edge that will pay dividends to the company and elevate both functions.