European Predictions 2022: 

What are the factors that will impact technology leaders in the coming year?  

In 2022, the challenges facing technology leaders will continue to grow. Increasingly demanding customers will require businesses to accelerate the delivery of technology and insights, and employees will expect enablement to work from anywhere, anytime. Technology strategies will need to be adaptive, creative and resilient for leaders to stay ahead of this continuous change.  

During this webinar, our expert technology analysts will explore the key trends that will impact the technology and security & risk functions in 2022 and beyond. Learn how to adapt your strategy and discover:  

  • Why investments in automation will continue to rise rapidly across Europe.  
  • How Tattleware adoption will degrade employee experience and increase employee backlash.  
  • Why GAIA-X won’t be Europe’s sovereign cloud, but European norms will still be to go global.  


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Duration: 1 hour (including 15 mins Q&A)


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