Predictions 2022 For CX Leaders

How to make CX a business hero in 2022: Five trends to embrace 

If the pandemic disappeared tomorrow (it won’t, unfortunately), 2022 would still be a year for CX to lead. As companies stop reacting to chronic disruption and start using it as a catalyst for proactive change, CX will be expected to do more to deliver experiences that delight customers and employees. 

Join us as we reveal the five trends that will define the playing field for CX in 2022. We’ll also tell you how you can turn the challenges created by these trends into opportunities to differentiate your company and fuel growth despite ongoing change. You’ll discover: 

  • How rising interest in accessibility will give tech vendors a $10 billion opportunity.
  • Which pandemic-era services you’d be smart to keep as the new normal takes shape.
  • Why many companies will try to drive better CX by improving employee experience.
  • What will make privacy journey design a priority for every CX team. 

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