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Three Things US And Canada Government Mobile Websites Need To Fix Now

Judy Weader September 19, 2022
When we set out to do a Digital Experience Review™ of US and Canada government websites, my colleagues and I started by checking to see which sites were most heavily used and how they’re accessed. I can’t rightly say when the balance tipped in favor of mobile access over desktop, but we’re here now — […]

Exercise Executive Empathy To Get Stakeholders Excited About CX

Su Doyle July 8, 2022
How can CX leaders gain funding? Develop executive empathy: Determine stakeholder priorities, connect CX to these existing priorities, and communicate the value of CX.

Three Tips For Staffing Your CX Team

Judy Weader March 29, 2022
We share our top tips for customer experience leaders who need to staff up the CX team at their organization.

Press Ganey Plans To Acquire Forsta And Level Up To Human Experience

Colleen Fazio February 8, 2022
When we talk with healthcare firms about customer experience, they often ask about best practices from within their peer group, unsure that anyone outside healthcare can really understand the unique complexities of their industry. Yesterday’s announcement that Press Ganey plans to acquire customer feedback management (CFM) vendor Forsta signals that more vendors are interested in […]

Predictions 2022: As Digitization Accelerates, Lack Of Equity, Labor, And Trust Will Plague Healthcare

Natalie Schibell November 1, 2021


CX Predictions 2022: The Year Of The Grand Pivot

Judy Weader October 27, 2021


Qualtrics’ $1.125B Acquisition Of Clarabridge Upends The Customer Feedback Management Market

Judy Weader July 30, 2021
Yesterday evening, Qualtrics announced that it’s acquiring Clarabridge in an all-stock deal worth $1.125 billion. This is a great move for Qualtrics. In one swoop, it has secured the best-in-class analytics capabilities that will define the future of voice-of-the-customer programs as firms decrease their reliance on surveys and focus instead on understanding customers based on […]

It’s Time For CX Governance To Grow Up

Judy Weader June 22, 2021
We’ve just published some new research that talks about better paths to address the key challenges that doomed previous approaches to customer experience (CX) governance. We found that, when CX leaders think about setting up CX governance, they should: Align to the corporate culture. Creating a separate CX governance structure in an organization that already […]

Health Insurers: Taking Average To The Extreme

Judy Weader June 1, 2021
For the first time in the history of Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), every health insurer tracked in the study earned a rating of “OK.” Although this sounds more worthy of one-handed applause than a standing ovation, it marks steady upward progress for an industry where more than two-thirds of brands landed in the […]

Be An Authentic Ally To Earn The Right To Wear The Rainbow

Judy Weader June 1, 2021
June: a time when flowers bloom, kids count the days until summer vacation, and businesses everywhere turn their logos into little Pride flags. “Rainbow capitalism” is becoming more common, but as it spreads wider, it becomes more obvious when a firm’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community barely runs skin deep. In 2019, LGBTQ+ groups pushed […]

Go 5D With Forrester’s Advanced CX Prioritization Model

Judy Weader March 12, 2021
In my earlier posts about customer experience (CX) prioritization, focusing on Forrester’s beginner-level and intermediate-level models, I covered the use of criteria around customer impact, business impact, and (when you get to intermediate) feasibility as a means of determining which CX-related projects you should pursue or put to the side. Moving up to advanced mode […]

Level Up Your CX Prioritization By Thinking In Multiple Dimensions

Judy Weader February 8, 2021
In my last blog post about customer experience (CX) prioritization, I talked about the importance of balancing customer impact with business impact when making decisions about which projects to pursue. Beginning CX prioritization uses a simple but effective four-box model. As CX prioritization moves up the maturity curve, it gets more complex by adding more […]

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, And JPMC’s Haven Disbands — What That Means For Healthcare Companies

Judy Weader January 6, 2021
Some may be breathing a sigh of relief — but this is a temporary reprieve. Healthcare organizations and employers must act now to innovate and rethink the way they deliver healthcare services and coverage.

It’s Time For A US Federal Chief Customer Officer

Rick Parrish December 4, 2020
The Biden administration should work with Congress to create a permanent federal chief customer officer (CCO) role to oversee policy, spending, and interagency coordination for all federal customer experience (CX) efforts. Folks at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and some US federal agencies have been working hard to improve the quality […]

Let’s Talk About (Government) EX

Judy Weader September 1, 2020
Forrester has been talking about the connection between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) for years. And it’s not just talk: Our Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) and Employee Experience (EX Index) studies help organizations understand the key drivers of experience for customers and employees, respectively. But although we’ve published reports on government CX, […]

What US Health Insurers Can Learn From The CX Leader In The Category

Faith Adams August 11, 2020
The approach that Florida Blue is taking to CX is working - and other insurers can learn from it. Learn how Florida Blue achieved a 5.8-point improvement in this year's CX Index.

Why CX Prioritization Matters And How To Get Started

Judy Weader July 28, 2020
A CX prioritization process ensures that resources are used with maximum efficiency and efficacy. Discover how to quickly set up a CX prioritization process.

Walmart Doubles Down On ‘Save Money. Live Better.’ As It Wants To Help You Shop For Your Next Health Insurance Plan

Arielle Trzcinski July 13, 2020
Recently, Walmart quietly launched Walmart Insurance Services LLC. To better understand and triangulate what this move means for the future of healthcare, a team of Forrester analysts weighed in. Read their takes.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Emily Collins May 18, 2020
Firms Poised To Survive The Pandemic Aren’t Laying Off CX Pros — They’re Doubling Down To cut costs, companies are laying off employees in customer experience (CX), customer success, and customer support. That’s a big mistake for three reasons. First, we have proof that improving CX increases revenue, lowers cost, and mitigates risk. Second, firms with a strong CX function have the customer understanding needed to weather the pandemic. Insights about needs and […]

Take These Three Steps To Build Your CX Improvement Business Case

Judy Weader May 7, 2020
Building a successful CX business case requires a strong foundation. Get three best practices here for successfully building your CX business case.
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