Minimize Risk And Bias In AI Applications With Robust Testing

Watch this video for testing best practices to build trust in AI-infused applications.

While many enterprises today embrace AI-infused applications (AIIAs), many fail to test them with the appropriate rigor — if theyre testing them at all.

Whats the problem? Testing AIIAs is a complex process thats not a discipline that AI developers have mastered. This lack of testing opens the door to bias in AI applications and can put the outcomes of AIIAs at risk.

Watch this video to hear analyst advice on a strategic framework you can use to test AIinfused applications and learn:

  • Why most organizations avoid rigorous testing of AIIA.
  • The risks of not testing and the benefits of doing it right.
  • A strategy for moving forward to ensure customer trust.

Diego Lo Giudice, Vice President and Principal Analyst 

Video: Why (And How) To Test AI-Infused Applications

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