Risk Or Reward? Generative AI’s Impact On The Software Development Lifecycle

Watch this webinar now to explore the potential impact of generative AI development tools.


Speed of innovation is vital to a technology-powered growth strategy.
And generative AI accelerates software development, enabling technology architecture and delivery leaders to execute customer-focused initiatives faster without compromising experiences.

But do the benefits of those tools outweigh their risks?  Our panel of AI analysts will help you answer that question in this webinar.

Watch this webinar to learn the promise and the risks of this emerging technology and hear the latest generative AI use cases that can streamline your testing and development work.

Watch this webinar now and learn:

  • The breadth of emerging enterprise use cases.
  • How to address concerns about over democratizing generative AI development tools across the enterprise.
  • Top AI risks for development and testing to avoid.
  • The role of TuringBots in SDLC automation.

Watch and listen to the Q&A for insights. Still have questions? The Q&A box in the on-demand webinar is still open for questions!

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