Stop The ML Madness! See How AI Is Used In Detection And Response

Watch this video for a reality check on what can (and cant) be done with AI and security. 

Many security and risk tools are embedded with artificial intelligence — and claims are being made about the powerful things that they can do to detect and respond to risks. 

Yet core to understanding where AI fits within your security strategy is separating the myth from reality so you don’t fall prey to “magical” AI thinking. 

Watch this video to learn the three most important questions to ask before buying into AI and security and the all-too-common, red flag claims to avoid. 

Well debunk AI and machine learning (ML) misconceptions, the differences between supervised and unsupervised ML and why the difference matters to security and risk mitigation.

Well also break down the unrealistic AI capabilities being touted to security and risk leaders so you can be prepared to ask tough questions before choosing which AI security tools to deploy.

Watch the video to learn: 

  • The current state of AI and ML in security.
  • The difference between supervised and unsupervised ML.
  • Common AI/ML misconceptions to avoid.
  • Why ML retraining is a must always.
  • How to make better AI security product buying decisions. 


The Truth Behind ML’s Madness — How AI Is Actually Used In Detection And Response