ZeroTrust for Governments

How To Implement Zero Trust In Asia Pacific

A Forrester Complimentary Webinar

While Zero Trust (ZT) has already become a mainstream security model in the US and Europe, it has only just begun to gain momentum in Asia Pacific (APAC) in 2020. Security leaders in the region must accelerate their Zero Trust adoption. From the global pandemic which has accelerated cloud migrations and remote work, to evolving regulations and mounting pressure from consumers on data privacy, security leaders in APAC need a fresh approach to security.

Join our security & risk thought leaders Joseph Blankenship, Jinan Budge, Chase Cunningham and David Holmes in this webinar, where they will:

  • Help you understand what Zero Trust is
  • Detail the progress of Zero Trust in APAC
  • Explore some of the APAC-specific challenges to Zero Trust adoption
  • Discuss how you can apply the Zero Trust model and framework in organisations with APAC operations

Duration: 60 mins

ZeroTrust for Governments

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