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So aktualisieren Sie Ihr Risikomanagement angesichts des Krieges in der Ukraine

Alla Valente 30 März 2022
Führende Risikomanagementunternehmen in Europa und weltweit sind bereits vom Krieg in der Ukraine und den gegen russische und weißrussische Akteure verhängten Sanktionen betroffen. Forrester-Analysten geben in diesem Beitrag ihre Einschätzung.

Neem de volgende stappen om u goed voor te bereiden op het cyberveiligheidseffect van de oorlog in Oekraïne

Paul McKay March 29, 2022
Neem de volgende stappen om u goed voor te bereiden op het cyberveiligheidseffect van de oorlog in Oekraïne

Mit diesen Schritten können Sie sich auf die Auswirkungen des Krieges in der Ukraine auf die Cybersicherheit vorbereiten und entsprechend handeln

Paul McKay 29 März 2022
11 Schritte, die Sie jetzt tun können, um Ihre Risiken und die Gefährdung durch Cyber-Bedrohungen im Zusammenhang mit dem Krieg zu verringern.

Comment Mettre À Jour Votre Stratégie De Gestion Des Risques Face À La Guerre En Ukraine

Alla Valente 28 Mars 2022
Les leaders de la gestion des risques en Europe et dans le monde sont déjà impactés par la guerre en Ukraine et les sanctions imposées aux acteurs russes et biélorusses. Les analystes de Forrester fournissent leurs conseils dans cet article.

Mesures Pour Vous Préparer Et Gérer Les Effets Sur La Cybersécurité De La Guerre En Ukraine

Paul McKay 28 Mars 2022
Onze choses que vous pouvez faire maintenant pour réduire vos risques et votre exposition aux cybermenaces liées à la guerre.

Open Data Exposes An Uncomfortable Truth: Matters Of Gender Diversity And Inclusivity Remain Performative

Sam Higgins March 21, 2022
Three steps to increase the level of trust in your gender-related messaging.

You Say You Want A Revolution? Announcing Our Latest Security Awareness And Training Forrester Wave™

Jinan Budge March 16, 2022
The security awareness and training (SA&T) market has been stagnant for so long, with the last major disruption as far as I can tell being the introduction of phishing simulations about a decade or so ago. Since then, the industry seems to have seen a slow and steady evolution from ticking boxes to meet a […]

Fix The Vulnerability Within: Break Gender Bias In Cybersecurity

Jinan Budge March 7, 2022
Forrester predicts that in 2022, one in 10 experienced security pros will exit the industry. This brain drain is the result of a few dynamics colliding: poor financial and advancement incentives; general stress and burnout impacting security teams; and cybersecurity’s dirty little secret, workplace toxicity! And cybersecurity isn’t immune to the hidden epidemic impacting women’s ability […]

Here’s How To Update Your Risk Management Posture Given The War In Ukraine

Alla Valente February 28, 2022
Risk management leaders in Europe and worldwide are already being impacted by the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russian and Belarusian actors. Forrester analysts provide their guidance in this post.

Take These Steps To Prepare For And Handle The Cybersecurity Effects Of The War In Ukraine

Paul McKay February 28, 2022
Eleven things you can do now to reduce your risks and exposure to the cyber threats related to the war.

Leapfrog From Compliance As A Strategy To Awareness, Behavior, And Culture Change

Jinan Budge February 24, 2022
Compliance as a strategy has been one of my bugbears in information security for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a junior professional in the field, I understood the limitations of what we juniors lovingly called the “tick-and-bash” approach — the practice of ticking boxes to confirm that the organization followed […]

Belatedly Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Consulting In APAC — What Matters Is People And Vision

Jinan Budge February 15, 2022
Thanks to a few end-of-2021 personal challenges, I was not able to write this blog earlier. I decided, however, that it’s never too late to announce research in which we invested over four months (and over a year of prework and research): The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Consulting Providers In Asia Pacific, Q4 2021. This is […]

Predictions 2022: Leaders Who Embrace Trust Set The Bar For New Sustainability And AI Goals

Jinan Budge November 16, 2021


A Prediction Comes True: Singapore Embraces Zero Trust

Jinan Budge November 4, 2021
One of my favorite parts of our annual predictions process is reviewing the accuracy of Forrester’s predictions from the previous year. This is not simply navel gazing. Looking backward actually makes us far better predictors, keeps us firmly grounded in the reality of our customers, and ensures that our predictions remain firmly embedded in reality. […]

The Days When SA&T Operated Solely To Train People About Security Are Vanishing

Jinan Budge November 1, 2021
I’ve been living and breathing the security awareness and training (SA&T) market since joining Forrester 3.5 years ago, working closely with most vendors in this market, as well as our clients. I have seen a significant elevation in the conversation and client expectations, with vendors rushing to innovate and disrupt to meet these new expectations. […]

Promoting Responsibility, Compliance, And Good Judgment Without Fear, Shame, Or Acrimony

Jinan Budge September 22, 2021
Security programs founded in fear will reduce employee engagement and stifle creativity. Learn how to nurture positive behavior and foster a more positive security culture.

Introducing The Forrester Now Tech: Cybersecurity Consulting In APAC — A Push Toward New Pricing And Delivery Models

Jinan Budge September 13, 2021
I am thrilled to announce the release of our latest Now Tech: Cybersecurity Consulting Services In Asia Pacific, Q3 2021. This report (available to Forrester clients) showcases Forrester’s overview of 24 cybersecurity consulting providers in Asia Pacific. Our clients leverage these insights to understand the diverse set of vendors by size, capability, geography, and vertical […]

It’s Time For The Infosec Industry To Address Gender Bias And Bullying Head On

Jinan Budge July 11, 2021
The week of June 28 was a big one (not in a good way) for showcasing the persistence and depth of harassment and exclusion for women in cybersecurity. Those on infosec social media were flooded with bikini selfies protesting the harassment that a woman received for posting her own bikini selfie. Men and women took […]

Debunking Infosec Purity And Other Security Myths In The Wake Of Recent Attacks

Sandy Carielli May 21, 2021
Earlier this week, an op-ed published on The Hill sent information security (infosec) Twitter into a tizzy by blaming cybersecurity industry best practices for recent high-profile security breaches. For the security team at Forrester, the op-ed furthered a number of security myths that we felt compelled to bust here. Myth #1: The Best Infosec Pros […]

Awareness Isn’t Enough — It’s Time To Change Behaviors

Jinan Budge January 18, 2021
Learn the four steps you can take to change human behavior and instill a security culture in your organization.
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