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Forrester’s Not-So-TayTay Southeast Asia Cybersecurity Trends Roundtable Tour

Jinan Budge March 24, 2024
Get six key learnings about Southeast Asia cybersecurity trends and challenges following a series of roundtables with CISOs and security leaders in the region.

The Future Is Now: Introducing Human Risk Management

Jinan Budge February 13, 2024
The market that used to be called the security awareness and training (SA&T) is now human risk management. This blog explains why.

It’s Time! Destroy Those Long-Held Silos Between Security And Tech Teams

Jinan Budge February 5, 2024
Check out new Forrester research on how to build, improve, repair, or elevate your relationship with your technology counterparts.

Cybersecurity Consultancies Face Goldilocks-Style Expectations From APAC CISOs

Jinan Budge December 15, 2023
What should APAC CISOs look for from cybersecurity consulting providers? Find out in our latest Wave report which evaluates the 10 most significant cybersecurity consulting providers in Asia Pacific.

T&I APAC Wrap-Up: The Good Stuff You Missed From The ForrWomen Session

Janet Worthington November 29, 2023
Women remain underrepresented in the tech and security fields. Get five tips from the recent T&I APAC ForrWomen session on how to change that in your organization.

Get A Head Start On The “Easier Said Than Done” Elements In The 2023–2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy

Jinan Budge November 28, 2023
Find which Forrester research can help navigate, manage, and prepare for the newly announced Australian Cyber Security Strategy.

Break The Cycle Of Security And Technology Intergenerational Trauma

Jinan Budge September 12, 2023
Learn what's creating the silos between technology and security teams and how to avoid or remove them.

Security Team Culture Matters

Jinan Budge July 11, 2023
Our research in 2020 dissected the causes of toxicity in cybersecurity and outlined that, in a practical sense, a toxic culture in cybersecurity looks like a team rife with infighting, unhappiness, and aggression between team members. Not only will this cultivate an unpleasant environment, but it also has the potential to ruin your security team’s […]

Win The Hearts And Minds Of Security-Fatigued Stakeholders

Jinan Budge July 10, 2023
Get practical tips for building a stronger security culture by influencing three key stakeholder groups.

Zero Trust Finally Moves From Concept To Reality For Asia Pacific Firms

Jinan Budge June 8, 2023
Forrester started covering Zero Trust (ZT) adoption in APAC in early 2020, when Zero Trust was largely touted as a buzzword in our region. At the time, this inaugural APAC-specific ZT research showed that, while ZT was already mainstream in the US and Europe, it was slowly but surely gaining adoption in APAC. Fast-forward two […]

We Need To Talk More About Burnout In Cybersecurity

Jinan Budge February 14, 2023
Forrester predicted that in 2023, a Global 500 firm will be exposed for burning out its cybersecurity employees. In 2022, we saw at a very practical level in Australia that weaknesses in our cyberdefenses can impact society at mass levels. Impacts of breaches at Optus, Medibank, EnergyAustralia, and MyDeal include fines, exposure of millions of […]

My 2022 Airing Of Grievances And Feats Of Strength

Jinan Budge December 26, 2022
In the spirit of Festivus, I’m airing my grievances and demonstrating my feats of strength. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t enter 2022 with a full tank. I started the year by joining the hordes of people revenge-travelling/shopping/connecting/renovating (I know!). It’s no wonder I feel utterly exhausted. It’s also no wonder that I […]

Has Zero Trust Killed Defense in Depth? Or “DiD” It Refine It?

Carlos Rivera December 12, 2022
Zero Trust (ZT) continues to make waves (no pun intended), with US federal agencies now publishing guidance, such as the OMB’s M-22-09 or the DoD’s ZT strategy, for effective implementations, allowing for the government to be viewed as a source of trust in cybersecurity — although ZT is still mired in myths, and these can […]

Being Future-Ready: From Security Awareness And Training To Adaptive Human Protection

Jinan Budge November 8, 2022
In September 2022, Forrester’s guide to global SA&T regulations and standards revealed an impetus for a better future, and I shared with you all a sneak peek into the future of security awareness and training (SA&T). And today, I am THRILLED to finally announce to you The Future Of Security Awareness And Training report (client […]

APAC Predictions 2023: Cybersecurity And Risk

Jinan Budge November 1, 2022
In 2023, APAC firms that prioritize internal security and risk cultural practices to deal with external forces will fare the best. Learn more in our 2023 predictions for cybersecurity and risk in APAC.

Australians’ Laid-Back Reputation Hides The Truth About Our Ability To Trust

Jinan Budge October 30, 2022
People are hardwired to trust other people and, by extension, the organizations they engage with. As an organization, your success or failure at earning and keeping trust ultimately determines not only the fate of your relationship with customers, employees, and partners but the future prospects of the organization itself. But few business, political, or technical […]

Apply Critical Thinking And Culture To Reduce Insider Risk

Joseph Blankenship September 27, 2022
Learn how to reduce the three most common types of insider threats in this Security & Risk event preview.

A Sneak Peek Into The Future Of Security Awareness And Training

Jinan Budge September 13, 2022
Forrester’s Guide To Global SA&T Regulations And Standards Reveals An Impetus For A Better Future Twenty-five percent of security decision-makers tell us that their security awareness and training (SA&T) programs are driven by compliance. A recent NIST study on “Measuring the Effectiveness of U.S. Government Security Awareness Programs” found that, among leadership, 56% of respondents […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cybersecurity Interview Question Design

Jinan Budge August 8, 2022
To hire successful candidates, you need to learn about more than just their tech skills. These tips can help you know what to look for — and what pitfalls to avoid.

So aktualisieren Sie Ihr Risikomanagement angesichts des Krieges in der Ukraine

Alla Valente 30 März 2022
Führende Risikomanagementunternehmen in Europa und weltweit sind bereits vom Krieg in der Ukraine und den gegen russische und weißrussische Akteure verhängten Sanktionen betroffen. Forrester-Analysten geben in diesem Beitrag ihre Einschätzung.
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