2023 Planning Priorities For APAC Marketing Leaders

A Complimentary Forrester Webinar

It was far from a “new normal” this year. A tsunami of events that swept across the world, ranging from moving to hybrid work, the “great resignation” and talent crisis, and semiconductor shortages to volatility and chaos due to war and high inflation, all left businesses finding themselves constantly adapting to change and shifting priorities. Together with big shifts in B2B buying behaviour, which were already at play but have greatly accelerated in the post-COVID-19 world, this all added to the woes of marketing leaders in APAC. 

With all of this constant change, how do marketing leaders plan for the year ahead? To answer this, we will hone in on the priorities that leaders need to take into consideration as they plan for their next financial year and explore how the marketing organisation has evolved to reflect the needs of today.  

Join us in this webinar, where Forrester analysts will share the latest research and insights on the top areas of focus that marketing leaders in APAC must prioritise as they plan for 2023: 

  • How buyer behaviours are changing and what that means for your marketing approach 
  • Driving growth through maximising budgets and applying marketing insights 
  • How to maximise buyer and customer engagement 

You will also hear from your peers at Grant Thornton Australia and Juniper Networks on what they are doing differently today as well as their plans for 2023 to drive growth for their organisations. 


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