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The Optimization Of Localization

Mavis Liew July 12, 2023
Ask any marketing leader in a given region, and they will tell you that global assets need frequent and, at times, extensive localization before they can be relevant to the needs of their local buying audience. Localization is not just about language — it is also about local elements such as imagery, thought leaders, customer […]

Is Your Marketing Campaign Impactful, Manageable, And Measurable?

Jerry Zhao June 22, 2023
A recent roundtable surfaced challenges that B2B marketing leaders are struggling with. Here, we provide some solutions.

What Does It Take To Successfully Execute A Marketing Transformation?

Mavis Liew May 11, 2023
A marketing transformation, which is a significant shift in an organisation’s marketing approach, often becomes necessary for companies striving to remain relevant and competitive in today’s rapidly changing market landscape. From evolving customer needs and preferences to emerging technologies and channels, businesses must continuously adapt their marketing capabilities to drive revenue growth and increase customer […]

Optimizing Product Launches In Regions: Four Steps

Mavis Liew February 24, 2023
Launching multiple products in a region can be complex due to variations in language, culture, maturity, and buyer needs across countries. On top of this, tailoring the launch to each market increases the complexity and need for resources. In addition, regional marketers are often faced with three critical challenges: lack of visibility and information about […]

The Focus On Value

Mavis Liew February 22, 2023
It is essential for B2B CMOs to develop strategies that align with the projected economic growth of Indonesia in 2023. While the country’s growth is predicted to be positive, CMOs must consider the impact of external factors such as the threat of recession, rising inflation rates, and fluctuating oil prices. These factors could influence the […]

APAC B2B CMOs: Plan For Change In 2023

Mavis Liew October 26, 2022
The COVID-normalised world that we live in today has significantly shifted the priorities and focus for marketing leaders when it comes to driving growth for their organisations. Marketing organisations have adopted and adapted to new skills. The shifts in B2B buying behaviours, which were already in play, have greatly accelerated over the past three years. […]

Evolving Buyer Behaviours In Asia Pacific: What Do Desserts Have To Do With It?

Mavis Liew August 26, 2022
Buying behaviour around the world has changed significantly, accelerated by the pandemic. Within the Asia Pacific region, marketers and sellers must be prepared to adapt to these changes and deliver what their buyers demand. Every year, Forrester fields a global survey to purchase decision-makers to find out what it is that makes them buy. We […]

APAC Marketing Leaders: Are You Overwhelmed With Too Many Product Launches To Execute On?

Mavis Liew July 18, 2022
While regional businesses continue to bring new products and offerings into the market to meet the growing demands of their audience, marketing leaders seek answers on how to streamline and prioritise these new product launches. The multiple markets that they look after in Asia Pacific are not homogeneous, featuring different languages and cultures, as well […]

It’s Time More CMOs Gained A Seat At The Corporate Strategy Table

Mavis Liew March 29, 2022
Despite the wealth of customer knowledge CMOs possess, relatively few have an active hand in corporate strategy-setting. That needs to change.

APAC Marketing Planning For 2022: When “New Normal” Morphs Into “Business As Usual”

Mavis Liew October 18, 2021
Marketing leaders have had an exciting 18 months, if “exciting” is really the accurate word to use. Some would probably argue that “turbulent” is a more accurate description. But as each month rolls into the next, there is no doubt that some semblance of balance and normality is in place today, even if “normal” means […]

Optimising Global Campaigns In The Region

Mavis Liew August 18, 2021
What can regional marketing teams do to break through silos and ensure campaigns are relevant to local audiences? Consider these four steps.

Why Your Brand Needs More Of Your Attention

Mavis Liew April 12, 2021
Brand is a primary purchase-decision driver, yet it often takes a backseat in terms of investment. At this year's B2B Summit North America, learn how to better manage this critical asset.

Four Building Blocks To Help Campaign Leaders Balance Economies Of Scale And Localization Requirements

Mavis Liew March 31, 2021
How can campaign leaders balance their desire for economies of scale with the need to deliver campaigns that resonate in local markets?

Bold At Work Profile: UiPath’s Marketing Transformation

Mavis Liew December 9, 2020
At Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit Asia Pacific, UiPath received a Return on Integration Honours award. Rajesh Kumar and his team defined a new marketing strategy for the India & South Asia region and enabled the organization to meet ambitious goals.

The Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit Asia-Pacific 2020: The Role of Brand and Communications

Mavis Liew August 3, 2020
  • The Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit Asia-Pacific virtual event is taking place on September 1–2
  • This year’s event is an integrated virtual experience that combines CX Singapore with Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit Asia-Pacific
  • We take a deep dive look at the B2B keynote session “Brand and Communications: What Role Does the Region Play?”

How Asia-Pacific Marketing Leaders Are Managing the COVID-19 Crisis

Mavis Liew May 12, 2020
  • Asia-Pacific was the first region that had to pivot and cope with the COVID-19 crisis
  • SiriusDecisions asked APAC marketing leaders for their insights into what they are doing in place of physical events
  • APAC marketing leaders share guidance for other regions that are two to three months behind in coping with COVID-19

2019 CMO Study: APAC Priorities Affecting Marketing Strategies

Mavis Liew April 20, 2020
  • APAC CMOs have prioritized new markets as their top growth lever
  • Because channels can accelerate their market reach, APAC CMOs place channel capabilities at the second position of their priorities
  • APAC CMOs see budget management excellence as a key operational enabler that they must continue to improve

Tug of War: The CMO vs. Regional Business Leader

Mavis Liew September 17, 2019
  • Regional marketing leaders must learn how to align two different sets of priorities: the CMO vs. regional business leader
  • Determining what and how to allocate resources to fulfill objectives is critical for the success of regional marketers
  • A framework to support marketing leaders to reconcile corporate and regional priorities will be presented at the SiriusDecisions Summit APAC event

What You Can’t See Is Hurting You (And Your Pipeline)

Mavis Liew May 29, 2019
  • Marketing leaders are always looking for ways to understand how to increase the quality and volume of marketing’s contribution to pipeline
  • B2B buyers buy as a group (rarely alone) but many systems for orchestrating and measuring interactions fail to account for these groups
  • Marketing leaders must understand their buying group blindness and drive organizational alignment and buy-in to re-engineer demand management strategies