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In An Agile World, Who Needs B2B Marketing Planning?

Subhendu Pattnaik September 12, 2022
With a fiercely competitive business landscape, organisations have pushed the gas pedal to raise their growth momentum. New technologies and tech disruptions are mandating newer ways of working. Constantly evolving customer expectations and buying behaviour are pushing marketing organisations to deliver results and high impact, all the time. B2B marketing teams are under pressure to […]

I’m Excited To Be Joining The Forrester Team — Here’s Why

Subhendu Pattnaik September 1, 2022
Hello, everyone! I joined Forrester a month ago, in July, and I must say that I am in awe of this place. I am extremely thrilled to join the B2B marketing executive services team. Here, I will partner with CMOs and marketing leaders and support them in their marketing strategy, planning, and transformation initiatives. Organisations […]