Building A Best-In-Class Marketing Strategy To Maximise Future Success: The CMO View

A Complimentary Webinar

The B2B marketing leader’s universe is complex and multilayered. They must reconcile the needs of their C-suite, product and sales peers, as well as marketing leadership teams and sub-functions. Alignment within and outside of marketing is a constant challenge, as is the need to justify marketing investment and demonstrate the genuine business value of marketing. The CMO’s ability to do this will successfully impact marketing’s standing within the organisation as well as their own professional credibility. 

Join us as we discuss the challenges related to marketing strategy formulation and unpack the Forrester Marketing Strategy Compass, a best-practice model that can reliably guide you to greater marketing performance.  

Watch this webinar replay, we will provide you with: 

  • A clear definition of marketing strategy
  • A best-practice approach for formulating an aligned marketing strategy
  • Initial guidance for next steps and how to use the model in your organisation

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