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Prévisions Européennes 2023 : Marketing B2B

Meta Karagianni 26 Octobre 2022
Quelles sont les 3 tendances du marketing B2B pour l'année 2023 en Europe ? Découvrez les prévisions de nos experts analystes.

European Predictions 2023: B2B Marketing

Meta Karagianni October 26, 2022
To counter economic headwinds, B2B marketing leaders in Europe will turn their focus to fundamentals, yet in the pursuit of revenue-engine alignment, some will make a misstep.

Prognosen 2023: B2B Marketing

Meta Karagianni 26 Oktober 2022
B2B-Führungskräfte im gesamten Umsatzbereich (Revenue Engine) müssen sich weiterhin mit einem sich schnell ändernden Kaufverhalten, anspruchsvolleren und mündigeren Käufern, einem härteren Wettbewerb und einem starken wirtschaftlichen Gegenwind auseinandersetzen.

To Formulate Marketing Strategy, Understand Your Business Context

Meta Karagianni August 30, 2022
B2B marketing strategy development isn't a one-size-fits-all process. To build a marketing strategy that drives business growth, understand these six factors.

B2B Summit APAC 2022: Back Live And Digital With A Rock-Star Agenda

Meta Karagianni July 7, 2022
Our excitement grows by the day with our B2B Summit APAC event back live in Singapore (and via the digital experience) this September 20–21. We have been working on developing our agenda for some time now, and our aim has always been simple: to deliver unique, APAC-focused, and actionable best practices and guidance to support […]

Call For Entries: Forrester B2B Summit APAC Awards

Meta Karagianni May 25, 2022
After two years of working and connecting with our colleagues and peers remotely, we are so excited to bring our B2B Summit APAC event back to Singapore. Our analyst teams have been working intensely to stand up an agenda that is relevant and unique to our APAC clients, addressing the most pressing issues we hear […]

Are You An Effective Change Catalyst?

Meta Karagianni April 5, 2022
Rising to the challenge of ever-faster change requires more of us to put forth bold ideas. Fortunately, anyone can be a change catalyst.

The Countdown To B2B Summit APAC 2021: Track Presentations

Meta Karagianni July 20, 2021
If you missed my first blog where I outlined what to expect from our keynote presentations at B2B Summit APAC 2021, click here. Beyond keynote presentations, B2B Summit APAC, which will take place on 14 and 15 September, is packed with deep dives into a range of different areas to support marketing and sales leaders […]

The Countdown To B2B Summit APAC 2021: Keynote Presentations

Meta Karagianni July 20, 2021
This year’s B2B Summit APAC will be our biggest and boldest yet, with keynote presentations as well as track sessions, practitioner presentations and awards, a sponsor marketplace, and tons of virtual networking opportunities.

How B2B CMOs Can Respond To Their CEOs’ Need For Certainty

Meta Karagianni February 24, 2021
Now more than ever, B2B marketing leaders need a clear strategic vision that drives their companies' growth agenda. Learn how to create an actionable marketing strategy — and join us at B2B Summit North America to dive even deeper.

Five Simple Steps To Demonstrate The Full Value of Marketing

Meta Karagianni January 19, 2021
I have two daughters under the age of ten, and I am trying to instill in them an appreciation for and understanding of the value of money. Every week our girls get an allowance, and we discuss where and how they want to use their money. We have often been pleasantly surprised at some of […]

The Science of Embedding Resilience in Marketing and Sales Plans

Meta Karagianni September 15, 2020
As we move to a “new normal,” sales and marketing leaders realize that resilience and agility are more important than ever before. When we talk about resilience in the context of annual planning, it requires a strong foundation.

A Data-Driven Approach For Redirecting Marketing Focus

Meta Karagianni April 8, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded across the globe, our personal, professional and social lives were fundamentally impacted. As a full-time working mother with two young kids who are now out of school, I found myself having to make changes in my daily routine to adjust to the new reality. Some of these changes made my […]

Not Just Leads and Pipeline: How to Show the Full Value of Marketing

Meta Karagianni April 18, 2019
  • As B2B CMOs and marketing leaders continue to transform their organizations, they struggle to articulate the value that marketing creates for the business
  • Revenue-centric KPIs are a key component of marketing’s performance, but they’re no longer enough to articulate marketing’s value in a holistic way
  • B2B CMOs/marketing leaders must expand the way they articulate marketing’s full value to the business

Key Regional Drivers Shaping CMOs’ 2019 Plans in North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific

Meta Karagianni November 13, 2018
  • Confidence among B2B marketers is high; most of the more than 200 global CMOs surveyed expect their marketing budget to increase over the next two years
  • North-American, EMEA and Asia-Pacific CMOs support different growth strategies that shape their marketing strategies and influence their marketing priorities
  • Although North American, EMEA and Asia-Pacific CMOs have similar plans to add resources, marketing leaders must pay special attention to region-specific needs

The New Frontiers of B2B Alignment

Meta Karagianni August 14, 2018
  • As the B2B revenue engine evolves, alignment must expand beyond the way sales, marketing and product engage and convert buyers
  • Revenue leaders must gain a clear understanding of all the possible areas where alignment can support the attainment of key business objectives – including growth and profitability
  • Failing to understand and operationalize alignment across new areas that support revenue and profitability will cause revenue leaders to fall behind

Are Traditional Field Marketers a Dying Breed?

Meta Karagianni April 3, 2018
  • The time is ripe for field marketing to redefine how it provides value to the business or risk becoming irrelevant
  • CMOs must encourage field marketing leaders to move from hiring generalists to building a function able to support four specialist areas: defined demand, channel, customer and account-based marketing
  • CMOs should leverage the SiriusDecisions Field Marketing Job Family to define a forward-looking view of the field marketing function and address dilution and pollution causes

CMOs and Marketing Leaders: Out With the Old and In With the New?

Meta Karagianni January 30, 2018
  • The role of the B2B CMO is evolving, and we have identified six critical areas of success
  • CMOs must move beyond being great marketing leaders; they must show enterprise-wide leadership, drive change and be strongly connected to business results 
  • CMOs must evolve and understand the new demands and expectations being placed upon them 

Is Agile Marketing a Passing Fad?

Meta Karagianni December 18, 2017
  • The hype surrounding agile marketing is increasing, but the definition of agile remains unclear
  • CMOs/marketing leaders declare that they want their marketing teams to become more agile
  • Agility does not mean chaos; agile marketing borrows agile principles and requires planning, clear processes, roles and responsibilities

CMOs: Don’t Let Marketing Planning Devour Your and Your Teams’ Time and Energy

Meta Karagianni September 12, 2016
  • B2B CMOs report marketing planning is the number-one internal process that needs to be fixed or revised
  • Cumbersome planning processes and the lack of a consistent approach inhibit B2B marketing organizations today
  • There are three main reasons that drive further organizational changes across EMEA marketing teams
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