Understanding Today’s Investors in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China

An Opportunity For Wealth Management Firms
(on-demand webinar)

Historically, wealth management firms have relied on demographic and investable assets to segment their clients. However, that’s not enough to help firms to decide on how to craft new offerings and engage customers with greater success.

The reality is that many people are still not actively investing. Many of them say that their assets are not managed, and they often question the trustworthiness and quality of financial advice that’s available to them. To address these challenges and capture additional opportunities for growth, wealth management firms should now turn to more sophisticated means of client segmentation.

In this webinar, we discussed Forrester’s Investor Segmentation framework and 4 distinct investor personas for the Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. Join us to find out how you can leverage this approach to help your firm win, serve, engage and retain these different clients better.

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