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The Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Future Of Payments

Pushpa Marwal May 30, 2024
Find out which emerging technologies will shape the future of payments and revolutionize transactions, customer interaction, and security — and which will fall short.

Anti-Money Laundering In APAC: What’s Hot In 2024?

Meng Liu May 7, 2024
New hotspots have emerged for money launderers in the APAC region. Learn the latest anti-money laundering trends and how innovative technology including generative AI can help address the challenges.

Digital Asset Custody: A Primer

Meng Liu March 21, 2024
We analyze the key trends and drivers of the digital asset custody market, key tech supporting digital asset custody, the core capabilities of representative custody providers, and early good practices for integrating these solutions.

Exploring Grab’s New Cryptocurrency Payment Feature

Meng Liu March 21, 2024
Learn how Grab's new cryptocurrency payments feature will influence the payment market in Southeast Asia and Singapore.

The B2B Cross-Border Payments Market: What’s Hot In 2024?

Meng Liu February 27, 2024
The fast development of emerging technologies such as AI/ML and blockchain makes the competitive landscape competition in the B2B cross-border payments market even more intense. Learn more in this preview of a new report.

What’s New For Accounts Payable Invoice Automation In 2024?

Meng Liu January 26, 2024
Finance and payment professionals can read this blog to learn three key trends in the accounts payable (AP) invoice automation market in 2024.

Navigate The Identity And Access Management Landscape In China

Meng Liu January 25, 2024
The identity and access management (IAM) market in China is still emerging but its importance and priority have grown significantly. Learn how in this blog post.

My Key Takeaways From This Year’s Singapore FinTech Festival

Meng Liu November 19, 2023
In Singapore, the ease of global networking is impressive. At the recent Singapore FinTech Festival, a significant event in APAC attracting around 66,000 attendees, I had the valuable chance to connect with clients and friends worldwide. The event offered both enriching conversations and intriguing fintech product demonstrations. Here are some key takeaways from the event: […]

Supercharge Your Defense: Level Up AI-Powered Models To Combat Fraud In APAC

Meng Liu October 5, 2023
As authorized push payment fraud rises, learn three things your enterprise fraud management vendor should have to better leverage AI to combat fraud.

The New Major Cloud Adopters: Financial Services

Tracy Woo May 1, 2023
Learn why financial services organizations are relying more on public cloud today for digital banking services.

Key Takeaways From Coupa Inspire 2023

Meng Liu April 25, 2023
Last week, I joined Coupa’s Inspire event in Las Vegas with my colleagues Jeffrey and George. It was Coupa’s 10th Inspire event and the first big public event since it was acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo. A constant messaging that we saw throughout the event was around Coupa’s comprehensive and open platform approach. […]

Digital Retail Payments Continue To Grow In Post-Pandemic Asia Pacific

Meng Liu March 14, 2023
In recent years, digital retail payments have transformed the way we shop and conduct financial transactions. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital payments, it’s no surprise that the digital payments landscape is constantly evolving. Looking at the post-pandemic state of digital retail payments in five major APAC markets, including Australia, mainland China, […]

Understand Today’s AR Invoice Automation Landscape

Meng Liu February 6, 2023
Accounts receivable (AR), including invoice issuing and payment processing, is one of the core processes in a company’s financial operations. The rising adoption of e-invoices has spurred more firms to acquire AR automation software to support customer demand and respond to digital transformation. My recently published report, The AR Invoice Automation Landscape, Q1 2023, will […]

The State Of Data Commercialization In China’s Financial Services Industry

Meng Liu February 5, 2023
The growth of the data economy in China is accelerating. Financial services (FS) firms are actively participating in it, increasingly commercializing their data to create new revenue streams and expand business opportunities. Danny Mu and I have recently published a report, The State Of Data Commercialization In China’s Financial Services Industry, which presents current trends […]

Understand The Enterprise Fraud Management Vendor Landscape In APAC

Meng Liu January 20, 2023
As new types of digital commerce and novel payment methods have proliferated and digital finance has become the norm in APAC, transaction fraud has become significantly more frequent and sophisticated. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased this risk as fraudsters take advantage of a rich variety of digital channels. The post-pandemic economic downturn also increased […]

Understand The State Of Central Bank Digital Currencies In Asia Pacific

Meng Liu December 29, 2022
The Asia Pacific region is at the forefront of central bank digital currency (CBDC) development. Most APAC countries are proactively exploring and experimenting with CBDCs. China, South Korea, India, and Thailand are proactively piloting retail CBDCs. Singapore and Malaysia are currently focusing on wholesale CBDCs and participating in some multicountry CBDC pilots. Australia and Japan […]

Key Technologies For Companies To Fight Money-Laundering Challenges In APAC

Meng Liu November 6, 2022
Pandemic-induced isolation increased people’s online activity but also caused many to suffer from depression and insecurity. Criminals have taken advantage of this vulnerability to steal customer identities and take over their financial accounts to facilitate money laundering. Forrester sees that: Crypto and trade-based money launderings are increasing. Crypto’s inherent anonymity and rising adoption by consumers […]

APAC Predictions 2023: Resilience In Payments

Meng Liu October 31, 2022
In 2023, the payments industry in APAC will turn away from envelope-pushing experiences and focus on modernizing its infrastructure. Learn more.

Use Innovations To Reshape The B2B Cross-Border Payment Experience

Meng Liu September 14, 2022
Businesses increasingly operate across borders; the rise of B2B e-commerce and online marketplaces is driving more cross-border transactions. But several factors complicate these payments: Payment infrastructures vary by country; the landscape of regulations governing cross-border transactions is fragmented by geography; and providers are plagued by complex internal business processes and operations. All of this makes […]

Mox Bank Drives A High-Performance Operating Model To Deliver New Digital Banking Experiences In Hong Kong

Meng Liu July 7, 2022
Get a detailed look inside the bank's strategies and approaches for bringing a new generation of digital experiences to customers in Hong Kong.
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