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Key Technologies For Companies To Fight Money-Laundering Challenges In APAC

Meng Liu November 6, 2022
Pandemic-induced isolation increased people’s online activity but also caused many to suffer from depression and insecurity. Criminals have taken advantage of this vulnerability to steal customer identities and take over their financial accounts to facilitate money laundering. Forrester sees that: Crypto and trade-based money launderings are increasing. Crypto’s inherent anonymity and rising adoption by consumers […]

APAC Predictions 2023: Resilience In Payments

Meng Liu October 31, 2022
In 2023, the payments industry in APAC will turn away from envelope-pushing experiences and focus on modernizing its infrastructure. Learn more.

Use Innovations To Reshape The B2B Cross-Border Payment Experience

Meng Liu September 14, 2022
Businesses increasingly operate across borders; the rise of B2B e-commerce and online marketplaces is driving more cross-border transactions. But several factors complicate these payments: Payment infrastructures vary by country; the landscape of regulations governing cross-border transactions is fragmented by geography; and providers are plagued by complex internal business processes and operations. All of this makes […]

Mox Bank Drives A High-Performance Operating Model To Deliver New Digital Banking Experiences In Hong Kong

Meng Liu July 7, 2022
Get a detailed look inside the bank's strategies and approaches for bringing a new generation of digital experiences to customers in Hong Kong.

Virtual Banks In Hong Kong Are In A Race To Win, Serve, And Retain Customers

Meng Liu May 11, 2022
In the past three years, eight virtual banks have started operations in Hong Kong and have achieved early results in customer acquisition. Some of these results were also echoed in Forrester’s survey data from the past year: 44% of Hong Kongers opened a virtual bank account in the first six months in 2021, for example. […]

Understanding Investors In China’s Greater Bay Area

Meng Liu April 21, 2022
What You Should Know About Investors In China’s Greater Bay Area China has emerged as an attractive market for wealth management and investment firms due to its rapid economic growth and wealth accumulation. In particular, the Greater Bay Area (GBA) boasts one of the highest concentrations of high-net-worth individuals with substantial investable assets. The Wealth […]

Announcing The Forrester Tech Tide™: B2B Payment Augmentation, Q1 2022 — How To Improve B2B Payments For Your Firm

Meng Liu March 23, 2022
Forrester predicts that the focus of payments innovation will shift from consumers to businesses in the decade ahead. Corporates as well as small- and medium-sized businesses will pay to alleviate friction from arcane processes and legacy B2B payments. Payment and technology providers will use a host of technologies such as AI, robotic process automation, APIs, […]

Top Trends Shaping Fraud Management In Asia Pacific

Meng Liu March 18, 2022
A fragmented regulatory environment and the rapid transition to digital commerce have spurred several enterprise fraud management (EFM) trends in Asia Pacific. Forrester sees that: Digital commerce drives promotion fraud. Flourishing digital commerce significantly changes consumer behavior, and companies are focusing their marketing spending on online campaigns and promotions. Fraudsters are increasingly taking advantage of […]

Use Innovation To Reshape The B2B Payment Experience In APAC

Meng Liu March 10, 2022
Learn about the three forces driving better payment experiences in the Asia Pacific region.

The Unstoppable Rise Of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Sam Higgins December 23, 2021
With the broader rollout of the e-yuan next month, government-backed digital currency will enter a new era. What will it hold for banks, non-financial services firms, and society at large?

Find The Right Payment Ally To Drive Your Digital Business With Security In APAC

Meng Liu December 17, 2021
I’m excited to announce that Forrester’s Now Tech: Merchant Payment Providers In Asia Pacific, Q4 2021, is now live. This is the first time that Forrester has analyzed the merchant payment provider landscape in Asia Pacific. Forrester defines merchant payment providers as “technology enablers that provide merchants with access to the payment network to process […]

Announcing The First Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Covering Enterprise Fraud Management Solutions In Asia Pacific

Meng Liu November 18, 2021
Following up the previously published Now Tech report, I’m excited to announce that The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Fraud Management In Asia Pacific, Q4 2021 is now live. Forrester defines enterprise fraud management (EFM) as “a solution that integrates data from multiple payment and non-payment transaction processing systems, online portals, and threat information sources and provides transaction monitoring, risk […]

Predictions 2022: (APAC) Banking On The Old And Doubling Down On The New

Zhi Ying Barry November 9, 2021
The Asia Pacific banking sector has largely weathered the pandemic crisis. But with revenues being squeezed by low interest rates and sluggish loan growth, APAC banks will make big bets and increase their spending on technology, talent, and fintech to drive growth. Tapping into the opportunities brought on by the digital momentum gained during the […]

Launching Forrester Tech Tide™: B2B Payments Research

Meng Liu August 5, 2021
Forrester is launching new research focusing on technology innovation in the B2B payments space. We are on the lookout for companies that are automating and adding value to B2B payments services, particularly those driving innovation.

Decoding China’s Central Bank Digital Currency

Meng Liu July 13, 2021



Meng Liu June 24, 2021
以客户为中心已经在零售银行深入人心,零售银行的客户体验提升项目也在全球范围内遍地开花。相比于零售银行,由于B2B系统的复杂性,公司银行之前很少在客户体验领域有所建树。然而,随着银行对公司银行业务体验的要求与日俱增并期待可以达到和零售业务一致的极致体验,越来越多的公司银行部门开始把客户导向和体验提升作为自己的核心战略,随之转变业务模式。客户旅程地图绘制是提升公司银行客户体验的一个有力工具,公司银行客户体验专业人员可以通过绘制客户旅程地图获得outside-in的视角、了解客户体验不佳的根本原因以及将客户痴迷贯彻到整个组织上下。 在理解了客户旅程地图绘制的巨大价值以后,下一个问题是如何有效绘制公司银行的客户旅程地图?Forrester基于超过20年的全球客户体验研究基础以及和中国大型银行客户的咨询实操经验,在中国的公司银行及B2B客户体验领域积累了丰富的理论、工具与方法。我们总结出的绘制公司银行以及B2B行业客户旅程地图的“三部曲”和十个详细步骤: 1. 准备客户旅程绘制相关工作 选择好相关旅程 绘制客户画像 建立对客户旅程地图的相关假设 邀请正确的参与人员 决定旅程绘制执行方式及做好相关准备 2. 执行客户旅程地图绘制 绘制客户旅程地图 发现关键痛点 绘制生态系统 3.决定下一步 通脑风暴出下一步解决办法 数字化以及扩大绘制出的旅程地图的影响力 在我们最新发布的报告 中国公司银行客户旅程地图绘制 中,未来提供更多可供参考的细节,我们选取了一个最典型的公司银行旅程-企业客户开户旅程按照三部曲的步骤带大家一起重现了公司银行客户旅程地图绘制的全过程。欢迎阅读报告获取更多关于公司银行客户旅程地图绘制的相关洞见,如果您有任何问题,请随时与笔者联系,联系邮箱 以及。

Understand Today’s Investors In Metro China, Hong Kong, And Singapore

Tom Mouhsian February 24, 2021
Why You Need A New Segmentation Approach To Understand Today’s Investors Wealth management firms commonly segment their clients by investable assets. But this is not enough to help firms decide on new products and services or optimize customer engagement models. Self-directedness is a crucial dimension that reliably predicts many investor attitudes and behaviors (see Figure […]


Meng Liu January 27, 2021
去年年末,我们根据Forrester 2020年亚太金融行业的消费者调研(Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics® Asia Pacific Financial Services Survey 2, 2020)对中国的投资者画像进行了描绘。我们希望通过量化数据呈现出中国投资者在2020年,尤其是疫情前后的一些变化,及中国投资者这个群体中细分类型的特点。点击“阅读更多”了解具体细节。

Japanese Banks’ Digital Awakening Is On The Way

Meng Liu June 11, 2020
Japanese banks face serious challenges in profitability, efficiency and customer experience. Analyst Meng Liu provides five signs that digital transformation is coming to the rescue.

Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2020: Looking Beyond The Challenges

Guannan Lu June 9, 2020
Huawei started the 17th Huawei Global Analyst Summit on May 18, 2020 in Shenzhen, China. Huawei’s rotating chairman, Guo Ping, spoke on the theme of “Huawei: A Year and Beyond” to both look back on a very challenging year for the company and look ahead with a focus on accelerating growth. The US Entity List […]
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