How To Use Journey Maps To Kick-Start A Customer Experience Transformation

Ensure That Your Customer Journey Maps Have You Set Up For Success

Currently, many organisations map their customers’ journeys, upload the maps to a content repository, and never touch them again. However, this is because journey maps are often thought of as the end point. This is not the case. They are powerful artifacts that explain how customers interact with your organisation and clarify the details of their experiences. They are also able to catalyse your organisation’s customer experience (CX) transformation, help you overcome challenges, and even boost innovation.

This guide is designed to ensure that your journey maps have you set up for success in your CX transformation. It will show you how to leverage new or existing journey maps to spur investment and interest in CX, as well as boost performance. Discover how journey maps can serve as a springboard to:

  • Increase employees’ understanding of the importance of empathising with customers.
  • Prioritise CX projects that will have the greatest business impact.
  • Improve the efficacy of CX measurement.
  • Design experiences that drive loyalty.

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