European Predictions 2022: 
B2C Marketing Trends 

What factors will impact B2C marketing leaders in the coming year?  

Duration: 1 hour

As we head into 2022, the pandemic drags on and the demands of customers – for seamless cross-channel experiences, convenience, reassurance, and commitment to ESG values – are only growing stronger.  

During this webinar, our expert marketing analysts explore the key predictions that will impact the B2C marketing function in 2022 and beyond. Watch the replay to learn more about what this means for you and your business. Discover:  

  • How values-based consumers will play a more significant role in business strategy and product decisions.
  • Why marketing leaders will need to ensure that the brand interconnects the “anywhere commerce” experience.
  • How sustainability will play an increasing role in consumer loyalty.
  • Why marketing teams will need to invest in web analytics and their customer data strategy to drive better and more personalised experiences.

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