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ESG’s Footprint On Business

Ryan Skinner June 8, 2022
The ways in which businesses implement ESG principles varies based on their maturity. Here, we explore the differences among five levels of business ESG maturity.

DWS Raided For Greenwashing — Who’s Next?

Ryan Skinner June 6, 2022
The incident involving Deutsche Bank’s asset management subsidiary is a cautionary tale for other asset management companies.

ESG’s Role As A Market

Ryan Skinner May 31, 2022
ESG has been adopted by three major groups according to their own specific motivations. Explore what ESG means to the investment community, the services industry, and individual companies.

ESG’s Significance To Business Leaders

Ryan Skinner May 24, 2022
ESG can mean different things depending on who's saying it and the context in which it's said. In this first of a series of blog posts on ESG, we explore what it is and its significance to businesses.

UK Investors Begin To Put Their Money Behind Sustainability

Ryan Skinner April 20, 2022
The average retail investor often doesn’t know how their funds are connected to the underlying economic activity that they finance. Especially in the UK, where many or even most investors are salting away money in a managed pension fund, they will spare few thoughts to where it’s invested, provided it gives a handsome, low-risk return. […]

Track The Generational And Behavioral Shifts In Europe’s Investors

Ryan Skinner January 14, 2022
European investors are changing. Understand their investment research behaviors to better serve and support them.

Four Sustainable Finance Takeaways From COP26

Ryan Skinner November 19, 2021
If COP26 isn’t remembered for an ambitious deal (like Paris or Kyoto), it might be remembered as the finance COP. Learn four key takeaways for business and finance leaders.

Prévisions 2022 : Marketing B2C

Ryan Skinner 26 Octobre 2021
L'avenir que nous envisagions il y a seulement deux ans n'a pas changé, mais il est devenu notre présent... beaucoup plus rapidement que prévu. Retrouvez trois tendances 2022 pour les marketers B2C dans ce billet de blog.

Europe Predictions 2022: B2C Marketing

Ryan Skinner October 26, 2021
As a marketing leader in Europe, 2022 will be a crucial transition year for your strategy. Read our blog to find out more.

Prognosen 2022: B2C Marketing

Ryan Skinner 26 Oktober 2021
Die Zukunft, die wir uns vor nur zwei Jahren vorgestellt haben, hat sich nicht geändert, aber sie ist schneller als erwartet zur Gegenwart geworden. Für Führungskrafte im Marketing ist das Jahr 2022 ein entscheidendes Jahr für die Umstellung der Strategie.

Navigate The Storm Of ESG Data

Ryan Skinner September 17, 2021
Business leaders will soon need to get on top of ESG data. Regulatory changes and stakeholder expectations are driving the change.

Why You Should Make The Shift To Modular Content

Ryan Skinner September 8, 2021
A number of businesses, including Novartis, Electronic Arts, and Desigual, have started the shift to modular content. When do you start?

Consumer Partners: Who They Are And Why You Should Care

Ryan Skinner December 16, 2020
Business-to-business partnerships are a long and well-established way for businesses to grow. Many software companies, for example, owe the lion’s share of their revenue from sales through partners. Partnering with consumers, however, is less mature and less industrialized, even if the practice is actually very widespread. First of all, what is a consumer partner or […]

Livestreaming Commerce Lands In Europe

Ryan Skinner November 10, 2020
Live-streaming commerce is arriving on European shores. Here's what European marketers can expect...

Give Customers The Gift Of Convenience This Holiday Season

Ryan Skinner November 4, 2020
This holiday season, many consumers will be forgoing big family dinners and exotic holiday markets and instead playing host to unwelcome guests like worry (for their health) and anxiety (for their finances). This holiday season, everyone just needs a break. Marketers can help consumers make the best of their holidays by making their lives a […]
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Learn From Direct-To-Consumer Disruption

Ryan Skinner September 9, 2020
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are fueling disruption by radically reorienting consumer expectations. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands of all kinds are looking to shore up their own DTC efforts as more consumers seek authentic and engaging brand relationships in increasingly digital spaces. As they craft their own brand’s DTC journey, B2C marketers and […]

How Has The Pandemic Impacted Influencer Marketing?

Ryan Skinner July 23, 2020


Introducing The Forrester New Wave™: Influencer Marketing Solutions, Q2 2020

Ryan Skinner May 28, 2020
Our latest evaluation, “The Forrester New Wave™: Influencer Marketing Solutions, Q2 2020,” published today. More than a hundred vendors in the market became 47 in our New Tech, which became 12 in the Wave. Here’s what you should know about the space and the analysis: Temperature’s high. Influencer marketing solutions (IMS) vendors are many and […]

Healthcare And Pharma Startups Chase Empowered Patients

Ryan Skinner January 22, 2020
Amazon is not the only D2C brand shaking up the healthcare industry. In fact, Forrester has identified more than 50 firms bringing D2C models to healthcare and pharma. Learn the primary drivers behind this market shift.

Another CMP Gets Swallowed Up (Percolate, By Seismic), And What It Means To You

Ryan Skinner November 6, 2019
Sales enablement automation (SEA) vendor Seismic announced its acquisition of content marketing platform (CMP) Percolate yesterday at its annual customer event, Seismic Shift. The San Diego-based unicorn adds 50 engineers to the business, increases its presence in New York City, and expands its footprints in Denver and San Francisco. The acquisition improves Seismic’s position with […]
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