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Data, Confiance Et Économie De L’Expérience

Thomas Husson January 4, 2022
La difficulté est plus que jamais de collecter les bonnes data marketing, la transformer en insights pour améliorer expérience client comme expérience collaborateur.

The Green Consumer Paradox

Thomas Husson December 16, 2021
Consumers constantly trade sustainability for price, speed, performance, or convenience; even the so-called “green consumers” do. Understand the five most common barriers to sustainable purchasing that generate cognitive dissonance

Tendances Retail et eCommerce 2022

Thomas Husson November 23, 2021
Vidéo du keynote du One to One de Monaco sur les tendances retail et eCommerce

Authenticité, marketing, et transformation durable.

Thomas Husson November 19, 2021
Vidéo du discours d'ouverture sur le thème de l'authenticité à la conférence Digital Marketing One To One de Biarritz

The Three Principles Of Sustainable Transformation

Thomas Husson October 27, 2021
Becoming an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable business demands a profound and fundamental change. Like digital transformation before it, you can’t just bolt it on. Traditional firms willing to start their multiyear transformation journey toward sustainability must embrace the three principles of sustainable transformation.

When Systemic Risks Collide: Why Supply Chain Issues Are The New Normal

Alla Valente October 26, 2021
Before March of 2020, “supply chain issues” was a term we’d hear after a natural disaster or labor strike — that all ended the moment we ran out of toilet paper. Unquestionably, the supply chain crisis has been a secondary theme of the pandemic, one that continues to escalate. For the 15 months since the […]

Predictions 2022: CMOs Emerge As Emboldened Business Leaders

Mike Proulx October 26, 2021


Prévisions 2022 : Marketing B2C

Ryan Skinner October 26, 2021
L'avenir que nous envisagions il y a seulement deux ans n'a pas changé, mais il est devenu notre présent... beaucoup plus rapidement que prévu. Retrouvez trois tendances 2022 pour les marketers B2C dans ce billet de blog.

Europe Predictions 2022: B2C Marketing

Ryan Skinner October 26, 2021
As a marketing leader in Europe, 2022 will be a crucial transition year for your strategy. Read our blog to find out more.

Prognosen 2022: B2C Marketing

Ryan Skinner October 26, 2021
Die Zukunft, die wir uns vor nur zwei Jahren vorgestellt haben, hat sich nicht geändert, aber sie ist schneller als erwartet zur Gegenwart geworden. Für Führungskrafte im Marketing ist das Jahr 2022 ein entscheidendes Jahr für die Umstellung der Strategie.

Oh, Snap: Data Deprecation Cuts Into Revenue

Stephanie Liu October 22, 2021
Don’t say we didn’t warn you. While reporting Snapchat’s Q3 results yesterday, CEO Evan Spiegel conceded Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework “disrupted” Snap’s advertising business as he reported lower-than-expected earnings. The earnings miss drove sharp declines in Facebook’s and Twitter’s stocks as well. ATT, which rolled out in April with iOS 14.5, requires users […]

The CMO And CIO Partnership In Digital Transformation

Thomas Husson October 6, 2021
The CMO/CIO relationship is a paradox: A strong partnership between marketing and technology teams is imperative to achieving customer success, but examples of great collaboration between the two have been scarce. That’s changing, however. The pandemic forced marketing and IT to work together, shrinking the collaboration gap. It has also revealed new opportunities for CMOs […]

Forrester Renforce Ses Équipes En France

Thomas Husson September 22, 2021
Forrester est l’un des cabinets d’études et de conseil les plus influents au monde, et nous sommes très fiers de vous annoncer le renforcement de notre présence en France.

Conférence Forrester Expérience Client — 30 Septembre/1er Octobre

Thomas Husson September 15, 2021
L’expérience client est la priorité stratégique des dirigeants marketing. C’est moins vrai en France (45% des décideurs) qu’en moyenne dans les autres pays (61%). Les derniers résultats (Septembre 2021) de notre baromètre de l’expérience client (CX Index) montrent que -dans l’ensemble- la perception de la qualité de l’expérience client est inférieure en France par rapport […]

Global Trends 2040: A More Contested World

Thomas Husson August 3, 2021
As analysts, part of our job is to try to decipher the broader trends impacting businesses. Needless to say, the exercise is becoming more and more difficult, and anything beyond 24 to 60 months looks very futuristic. That’s why I enjoy reading prospective books and especially publications from the National Intelligence Council. Published every four […]

The CMO And CXO Must Partner To Transform The Customer Experience

Thomas Husson August 2, 2021
McDonald’s Corp. just named company veteran Manu Steijaert as its first global chief customer officer, who will lead a new customer experience (CX) team. The team will combine operations in data analytics, digital customer engagement, marketing, restaurant development, and restaurant solutions. After CVS and Walgreens, here, too, the CMO reports to a chief customer officer, […]

Google Delays The Cookiepocalypse: A Data Deprecation Update

Fatemeh Khatibloo June 25, 2021
Confused by the recent update to Google's Privacy Sandbox timelines? Get the key takeaways and recommended next steps.

$500 Million VC Funding For Contentsquare: A Perspective On Experience Analytics And French Tech

Thomas Husson May 26, 2021
Contentsquare just raised a $500 million Series E round led by SoftBank. The French Tech Ecosystem Is Booming Wow! This is the biggest venture round ever and the biggest total funding ever for a French startup, now valuated at $2.8 billion. There are now about 15 French unicorns and counting. In a previous blog, I […]

Le Développement Durable : Nouvel Enjeu De La Transformation Des Entreprises

Thomas Husson May 20, 2021
La prochaine vague de transformation des entreprises sera celle du développement durable.

Expérience Collaborateur: Une Bombe à Retardement

Thomas Husson May 19, 2021
L’engagement collaborateur s’est amélioré entre 2019 et 2020. Nos indicateurs le montrent, ceux des sociétés spécialisées comme Peakon ou Qualtrics le confirment. Les employés, notamment ceux qui ont pu télétravailler, ont bénéficié d’horaires plus flexibles, d’un meilleur contrôle de leur emploi du temps, de moindre temps de transport, et ont globalement été plus productifs. Ce […]
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