Best Practices in B2B Marketing Org Design

Optimize Your Marketing Organization

Orchestrate the right marketing resources at the right time with less friction. Start with Forrester’s organizational design insights for B2B marketing leaders. Browse our resources for advice to help you develop an ecosystem that aligns with business and scales on demand.


Create a customer-obsessed culture

Is your culture customer first? Read this blog for analyst insight into the six things marketing leaders can do to create a customer-obsessed culture that puts buyers at the epicenter of B2B marketing activity.


Expand your B2B digital marketing capabilities

Explore our analyst guidance into three steps you can take now to build your digital marketing ability — and the stakeholder roles critical to your success.


Optimize B2B marketing orchestration

Is friction holding your teams back from action? Read the blog to discover three essential elements to optimizing B2B marketing with the right balance of orchestration.

Prove marketing enablement ROI

Need more enablement funding? Prove the ROI of your enablement efforts to the business. Read the blog for advice on showing how marketing enablement drives business value.


Learn why more is less when investing in customer obsession

Read this blog to learn how B2B marketing investments in customer obsession can have diminishing returns and how sales, marketing, and product leaders can spend wisely.


Discover the keys to high-performance marketing

Running a high-performance marketing organization is like managing an ecosystem. Watch the video for our advice on bringing resources and “rings” together to help your ecosystem thrive.


Define the terms of successful marketing org design

The right capabilities, competencies, and traits are essential to marketing success. Watch the video to learn the key differences between these terms and why knowing the difference matters.  


Enable a rock-solid marketing organization structure

Where does your marketing org fit within the business? What role do marketing teams and individuals play? Watch the video to improve your marketing organizational structure.


Orchestrate better organization performance

How do you manage org design resources and workflows? Watch this video to learn how shared services, centers of excellence, and other models can boost organizational performance.


Improve your marketing organizational environment

Is your org environment advancing outcomes? Watch the video to explore the role that accountability, culture, infrastructure, and governance play in a thriving marketing ecosystem.

Model Overview

Eight c’s of effective organizational design

Rethink and reimagine your marketing organizational structure with Forrester’s Eight C’s Of Effective Organizational Design and the pillars essential to your success.


For B2B marketing inspiration, read this GTM success story

Learn How Fujitsu partnered with Forrester to transform marketing to support a new go-to-market approach.


What are the barriers to transforming your marketing org?

Like city driving, one wrong turn in organizational design can take you off course. Read this blog for Forrester tips to navigate transformation challenges so you can reach your destination.


How healthy is your B2B marketing ecosystem? A quick checkup for your marketing organization

Use this checklist to evaluate the health of your B2B marketing organization, from the skills you need to the training and tools essential to strengthening the state of your ecosystem.


Close B2B marketing performance gaps

Learn how the Forrester B2B Marketing Ecosystem Model closes gaps and ensures a sound organizational structure.


Get more from your marketing with sound orchestration

Align resources and activities with speed, consistency, visibility, and control. Gain actionable advice to improve your processes and workflows.