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Hear what our analysts say about resiliency and overcoming resource constraints.  



Technology organizations are feeling the effects of constrained financial resources and tech talent shortages. Now it’s clear that hunkering down in hopes of an upturn is no longer a viable technology strategy. 

Watch our Predictions 2023 For Tech Leaders webinar to learn what our analysts say tech leaders can do to create durable, long-term success with a focus on resiliency to sustain innovation and a shift to partnerships to retain crucial tech talent. 

We’ll dive deep into the 2023 predictions that technology leaders can embrace to help their organizations gain competitive advantage despite downward forces. 

Watch now for this important 2023 tech leader update to hear strategies you can use to secure future growth and market advantage and learn:

  • Why 80% of companies will pivot innovation efforts from creativity to resilience. 
  • How one in three tech execs will tackle talent challenges with alternative partners. 
  • Where to focus tech resources to drive sustained competitive advantage. 


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